Magic Item Conversion August 2019

Hey All, here are the instructions again for converting your Denver MIs and Scrolls. Due date for conversions for our August game will be 8/2/2019. This will be for any unconverted magic items, and for fixes to prior magic items.

Please check your converted items to make sure they match what you expected to get. There were some mistakes made. If you have any missing items, or things that are incorrect, please email *** with the following information:
  • The Magic Item ID
  • What is wrong/what needs to be fixed
I have the list of conversions for people from June, and will double check with what is on the sheets you sent in. After any fixes are made, I will reprint the tags, and bring them to the July game.

If you have fixes, I will need to collect the original tag that was printed for you.
All old tags 1.3 conversions or 2.0 fixes will need to be turned in.

****** Instructions *****
Denver Formal Scrolls: All formal scrolls will need to be switched out for new scrolls. Scrolls that are mostly staying the same will have to transfer as is and reprinted. Any scroll that is getting removed or changed significantly (if it was limited can be traded in for a pool of ritual points that you can use to buy new scrolls. We have linked the Formal Scroll Spreadsheet we’d like players to submit to us below. Full instructions on how to switch out scrolls as well as restrictions are listed on that spreadsheet.

  1. Please make a copy of the below spreadsheet and rename it with your name.

  2. Fill out the 1.3 Scrolls Reprinted Tab with all Denver scrolls that haven’t changed significantly and just need reprinting.

  3. Fill out the 1.3 Scrolls Changed or Removed with all scrolls that are being changed or removed. Follow the instructions on that tab to convert them to ritual points.

  4. Spend those ritual points and choose new scrolls based on the instructions on the 2.0 Scrolls tab.

  5. Share the google document with ***.

  6. E-mail us your link of the spreadsheet when you are done. We will then review it, print and sign your formal scrolls. We will then deliver it to either yourself or to your team or another player at your request at the next game.
Formal Scroll Spreadsheet

Mist Touched formal Scrolls: If you have a mist touched scroll, please e-mail with the details of that formal scroll. Matt Watkins will review it, and create a PDF of the scroll and send it to our chapter for printing and signing. There is no need to include it in the list above.

Denver Magic Items

  1. Gather item tags (including item numbers).
    1. Take a picture of all tags and e-mail them with your form (below) to ***
  2. Follow the link to the Magic Item Spreadsheet below and then save your own copy. Rename your copy with your name.
    1. Duplicate the “item Template #” page until you have one for each batch of items. Rename the tabs to match item numbers.
  3. Give each desired new item an item description and list all rituals on the new items on the “MI Conversion helper (for personal use)” page.
    1. This will be all of your desired new items. If multiple batches are going to target the same item, please list all batches for the item with the same description, and sequentially on this sheet.
    2. We will be using the individual sheets for conversion, this list is to help us ensure you get the items you want
  4. Do NOT fill out the “Final MIs (for plot use)” this is for us to track what we have verified and to create the new tags.

  5. When finished, send a link of your spreadsheet along with the screenshots of your magic item tags to Brandon (e-mail addresses above). They will then process your sheet, contact you if you have any questions.
Magic Item Spreadsheet

Keep in mind the following restrictions:

  • Any number of Rituals may be changed; the new Logistics Period will be calculated based on the date 2.0 goes live.

  • No item may have more than 20 rituals
    • If a batch is being converted, and results in greater than 20 rituals for a valid target, remaining ritual points can be spent on another valid target of the same type if desired.
  • Multiple different batches may target the same item. In this case, the total number of rituals still may not exceed 20, and each batch will still need to be converted individually

  • Controlled Spirit Store Rituals must be converted to either
    • (a) another non-Catalyst Ritual or

    • (b) changed to a Regeneration ritual.

    • Any other Rituals on a bottle must be swapped for Spirit-targeting Rituals.
  • Catalyst Rituals may not be chosen as new Rituals to convert to. If an "optional" Catalyst Ritual is chosen, the non-Catalyst version will be used.

  • Any number of Rituals may be swapped to new target(s) so long as the chosen Rituals require a different target than the original batch's target.

  • All targets will have a duration based on the original item. Preserve Durations may not be purchased with Ritual points

  • If a Times Ever item is converted to an ritual with a duration, the standard duration of the ritual will be assumed.

  • If an item with a permanence is split into multiple targets, the permanency must stay with one target (or be converted to a preserve duration)
    • All other items split from the original will have a full length preserve duration automatically, without having to purchase one.
  • 2.0 rituals with times/ever durations may target any desired item, even if the primary target of the batch would otherwise be a valid target

  • True Empowerment flaws and "Half Damage from X / Double Damage from Y" flaws created via Ritual Manipulation are removed from all items.
    • If it is unclear whether such a flaw came from Ritual Manipulation, the flaw should be removed by default.
  • Remember that a Ritual cast at a higher level which provides multiple charges per day will take up one Ritual Slot on an item for each per-day charge.
    • For example, Quicken Aid can be cast at 3 different levels to provide up to 3 charges per day.

    • An item with a Level 3 Quicken Aid ritual on it could only have 17 other Rituals on it, and would count as 3 Rituals for a Preserve Duration.
  • There are a couple of scrolls that - due to how they keep scaling - don't quite fit with the formula well. If you have a Spell Store higher than level 12, you'll have to manually add 375 Ritual Points per level over 12 (so a level 13 Spell Store would be 2000 Ritual Points, etc.) Note that in 2.0, Spell Store now caps at level 9.
Q: What if I have a non-Denver item, can you convert it for me?

A It depends. If it’s a national item, I can check its validity and most likely convert it for you. If it’s a restricted item or scroll from another chapter, I can try and reach out to their logistics and get permission to convert it. It’s not guaranteed. If it’s an LCO item from another chapter, Denver will not be able to convert it for you. If it’s a mist touched scroll, please see the section above.

Q: When do I get my new tags or scrolls?

A: We will bring all new tags to the next alliance game. You can see either Brandon Mintken for the tags and scrolls. We will also try and make reasonable efforts to get them to you between games if possible.

Q: How should teams submit magic items and scrolls?

A: For us, it doesn’t really matter if individuals submit these items or teams do. Just let us know so we can mark off who has and who hasn’t converted their items.

Q: Where can I find more information?

A: ARC posted their original instructions here -

Q: Ahhhhh, this is frustrating and confusing, I need help!

A: While not a question, it’s a perfectly reasonable frustration. This process is complicated but luckily we will all only have to do it once. If you have questions, or need help, please contact Brandon and I will either help you ourselves, or will find someone who is a ninja master at converting magic items and scrolls to assist you with this process.

Q: When do I have to do all this by?

A: All items need to be convert before you can bring these into game. For the July game, the date with be August 2nd at midnight. If you don’t get your items to us by that date, you unfortunately will be unable to use any items or ritual scrolls that have not been converted.
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