Magic Items and Ritual Cap


Magic Items

Alliance Stormbreak is adopting a new Magic Item Ritual Cap for the first event: each individual player may only carry 5 rituals worth of Magic Items into game. This means that when prelogisting or logisting on Friday night of the event, you may choose up to 5 rituals worth of items for your character to “carry in” to use over the course of the weekend. For the sake of clarity, each different spell and every “charge” is a separate ritual (i.e., one 3/day Stone Bolt item counts as three rituals). This ritual cap includes all LCO items unless otherwise specified (i.e., plot artifacts). Master Constructs are considered to be 20-ritual items, as per the scroll. Rituals on a character’s spirit also count toward this cap; any spirit-linked or –locked items should always be included unless in extraordinary circumstances (which may be worked out between plot and logistics).

The ritual cap will be raised along with the SPENT BUILD CAP each event that we play Stormbreak.

Any items that are lost, stolen, expended, sold, or otherwise removed from a character’s possession no longer count against that person’s ritual count and he or she may choose to retrieve another item at the next logistics period. Currently held items may also be “switched out” for others at logistics period.

Items found during the course of the weekend DO NOT COUNT towards the limit.

This policy is being instituted with the goal of balancing the game’s power level for better scaling and an overall better time for everyone. While staff will be keeping an eye on magic item use, we ask that players honor this policy and abstain from carrying in items for the purpose of giving them to others. Trade and exchange is perfectly acceptable, but carting items for other people is counterproductive for the intent of this policy. We want to make the game as fair and challenging for everyone as possible.

Any questions or concerns about this policy may be directed to the General Manager (

Exemptions and Limitations

Any items discovered, crafted, or borrowed from NPCs during the course of an event likewise do not count toward the ritual cap for that time period.

The following rituals do not count towards the 5-ritual Magic Item cap:

  • Permanent Duration
  • Preserve Duration
  • Object Recall
  • Investiture
  • Sacrifice
  • Mark
  • Cloak of Darkness
  • “Roleplay Only” Rituals (as specified by their scrolls)
  • Spirit Link / Spirit Lock

There are also certain rituals which we are specifically limited due to their effect on a low level game; these will be barred for at least the first full season (2017):

· Elemental Aura (Earth/Chaos Aura is also prohibited)

· Protection Aura (low level game balance would be annihilated if this was allowed in)

· Damage Aura (exception, +0 - so, to clarify, +0 DA is fine)

· Monster Slayer (exception, +2 - so, to clarify the first rank of monster slayer ritual is fine and it can still be spell crafted up to +2 as well - this ritual is limited due to game balance at low levels)
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Just for clarification, no Chaos/Earth aura, and does spirit link count as a rit for the purpose of this limit of 5?


Earth/Chaos now prohibited.

HQ counts spirit link as part of the 5, to maintain consistency this counts.

Thanks for your feedback and if you have anything else to add, or other questions you can post here or email me directly through FB, the forum, or the Alliancestormbreak email account (gmail).


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HQ Staff
Hi there.
At this point if you choose to have a link it will count. Duration will not.
Earth and chaos Aura are not allowed on weapons at this point so that we remain consistent in not giving a continual spell effect. Your earth or chaos blades in memory will have a greater impact in this way.