Magical Ice Discovered


To all good people of Wyndael,

Magical objects in the form of unmelting ice cubes have recently been discovered in the area. They are commonly imbedded in the Troll threat we all face. These objects have resisted magical identification beyond that of a magical aura.

Adventurers who have experimented with the act of crushing these objects have been infused with magical energy. At this time, the full extent of the effects of doing so have not been fully determined. While some people have received a minor magical boon in doing so, citizen races have appeared to be effected differently, further complicating the classification of these objects.

Caution is urged in their use as potential negative side effects, or their ultimate origin, are unknown at this time. Should any individual choose to engage in the risk of using these objects, please report any results to Journeyman Greysen McAllistar of the Wyndael guildhall to aid in the study of this phenomenon. The Guild would greatly appreciate the opportunity to acquire additional samples of these cubes for additional experimentation.