Malestrum blues.


Boat rides arnt fun... There's a lot of work involved,sailors are all grisle,and really protective of their food stores...
Old man Chaos is pretty mad at me for not purchesing enough travel rations, So Stark snuck me into this really neat caged room. It's spacious and locked, let's see old iron sides stab me now!
That was a day or so ago. I can still hear the sailors working tirelessly on the deck above,suckers!! If Stark wasn't so concerned for my safety,he could make a killing off of selling stays in this room... The only thing that would make it better is a key,but I would probably eat it anyhow.
Vert brought me a martime delicacy called Gruel and mentioned how adventures can comunicate through dreams and that I should try to get some help.
I don't know what island I will end up on,but I am going eat a bunch of ooze elementals when I get there. Do I have to register a war with another plane to the local vampire Mayor? Also any information on how to best fight an ooze elemental, or what their plane is like would be appreciated!
Former Mayor Finch.

PS. Does anyone know what The malestrum is? I'm really hoping it's a giant fish of some kind, that would really hit the spot!