Mar returns

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Mar enters the homeguard grounds once more he'd felt aimless the last few weeks doing what was needed but otherwise unsure how to proceed with his time. After a quick shave he enters the training field and starts working his new position meant a good bit more training would be wise -This scares me i'm responsible for others now- he looks around -i've never had a problem with being a protector stepping up to help others but now its my charge to rally others to do the same it feels.....heavier- he breathes slowly each breath out punctuated by the sound of an arrow thudding into the target down range -am i up to this task? can i really rally others?- he frowns -plus the luck of my predecessors though i guess if i do my best to avoid questionable deals i might have better luck- mar allows himself a smile for the first time in weeks before adjusting his aim and knocking the sword out of a rookies hand "adjust your grip kid just because your not in battle doesn't mean you can get lazy on technique"
A Militiaman approaches, "Sgt Mar, the Commander would like to see you as soon as posable. Please report to his office at the Home Guard headquarters right away."
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Mar nods "thank you" he says softly turning to head for the office. Upon arrival he knocks three times wondering what this was about. Likely the imminent return to the breach the coming mission was after all a very important one. after waiting an appropriate time mar enters "you wanted to see me sir?" he asks softly stepping inside.
“Yes Sgt. Please have a seat,” the Commander gestures to a chair in front of his desk. “You’ll be heading out to Parson’s Breach soon with a small detachment under your command. I’ve instructed any patrols or scouts in the area to report to you if anything is sighted.”

Standing and walking over to the windows behind his desk. “Patrols have reported only minor activity among the mountain folk in the valley. The goblins on the other hand are a little more worked up. There’s been no sign of Kara Vale, but that doesn’t mean she’s through with her agenda. So keep an eye out for her. This Duke Mortuis needs to be dealt with, watch yourself with him, I’ve received several reports from several sources saying he’s a force to be dealt with.”

“My main concern is getting the King back. Az’Caine thinks you folks at Parson’s can accomplish this soon. For everyone’s sack I hope so. The nobles are starting to play their games with a little more vigor, the Dark Elves want to finish their trade negotiations. Reports from the Dark Reaches state that something is going to happen sooner than later, I’ll need to focus my attention there soon and I want this business at the Breach finished up as soon as possible.”

Turning back towards Mar, “Your task is as follows, maintain a Home Guard presence at Parson’s Breach. Assist Magistrate Mobius with securing the area around Parson’s Breach from hostile activity, you are in charge of the military force, he is in charge maintaining the laws. Assist Az’Caine in the rescue of the King.”

“If possible try and recruit more members into the Home Guard, but don’t just recruit anyone, most of the last batch of members were less then desirable.”
“I want a written report from you monthly.”

“Any questions? If not? Dismissed. Stay safe out there, I have faith you’ll make a good leader.”
"Sir about the recruitment I'd like to request additional funds to provide an incentive for recruits to join up" mar shifts slightly "I'll do it out of my own pocket if I must but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask" he sighs "as for leading others Ill do my best sir"
"Presently, we're looking into ways to incourage recruitment, there is no need to pay for it out of your pocket. Have you swung by the Quarter Master's and selected the extra equipment that is being issued to the Home Guard?"
Mar nods "if you mean the armor fitting and such yes i've picked up a few things for the return to the breach" he gets up "i was thinking of offering new recruits a sign up bonus a few copper or the like"
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