March 2019 Logistics Needs

Mark of Chaos

Denver Staff
You are allowed on site at FOUR PM and NOT before. Likewise, the gate should remain CLOSED! You'll have to drive up, open it, drive through, and then close it behind you. This is CRUCIAL, as they have animals they don't want getting out.

Logistics Building is one of the first buildings on your left when you drive on to site. It has parking out front with a little circle, and steps up to a covered porch. NPC camp is on the first floor of the giant tavern in the middle of camp.

Logistics will be open: Friday 6:00pm - 10:00 pm
Saturday ~6:00-6:30
Most mid-game Logistics stuff can be handled on the fly now by Marshals of various flavors and I spent a lot of time sitting alone off on the edge of camp the last couple games, so I'm going to try narrowing the Saturday window. I will stay longer if there are more to people to help, and am always happy to hop out of game if need be to help with something.

I am going to try to set up a crafting station just inside NPC camp's door for a more central mid-game crafting experience. We don't have a full spread of new tags printed yet, but I will have something in place for it.

Saturday-Only Players - If you don't owe Logistics anything your envelope will be in the Logistics building. If you do owe something your envelope will be in NPC camp by the crafting station and I will attach the bounty required for its release so that any staff can help you. Please leave your car parked at Logistics unless other instructions are provided.

All Players - If you have not played at this camp in 2019 (sorry November players), I need a signed camp release from you. This is separate from the Alliance Denver release.

Aliah Petrie - Signed legal release
Amanda Block - Signed legal release
Jake Wilson - Signed legal release
Jon Thomas - Signed legal release
Reece Albrecht - Signed legal release
Tim Garrity - Signed legal release

Duane Weeks - Signed legal release, Armor Eval
Jacob Baker - Signed legal release, Armor Eval
Jacqueline Cusimano - Signed legal release, Armor Eval
Justin Poelma - Signed legal release, Armor Eval
Kendra Perez - Signed legal release, Armor Eval
Lonzell Ivory - Signed legal release, Armor Eval
Owen Loats - Armor Eval
Suzanne Bastien - Signed legal release, Armor Eval
Suzanne Cusimano - Signed legal release, Armor Eval
William Broderick - Signed legal release, Armor Eval

Brandon Mintken - 1 gold 2 silver 8 copper
Cassandra Reilly - 1 silver, Event Fee ($75), Meal Plan ($20)
David Huntley - Event Fee ($50), Meal Plan ($20)
Gabbie Gibson - 10 gold
Juliet Meyer - 1 gold 7 silver
Karlee Nasalroad - Event Fee ($75)
Ken Watford - 1 gold 9 silver
Rachelle Erickson - 8 silver 5 copper, Event Fee ($50), Meal Plan ($20)
Zander Woolley - 10 gold 4 silver
Warchester - 20 gold

Please message me if you believe there is an error. Legal releases may be printed ahead of time and brought to game:
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