March 22nd - 24th Teaser: "Justice... Reversed"

With the first card, The Five of Pentacles, already upturned in the first position, the seer looks to you knowingly and draws the next.

"Justice.. Reversed.

"Unbalance, Unfairness...

"This can also mean that the need... the energy... the want for justice exists, but is being blocked..

"Or that justice cannot be achieved because the tools of justice are missing."

Then The Seer falls into a trance state again and speaks the future:

"The man named Jared built his Legion with the best of intentions.
"a group of men who wanted to do good.
"But, good is relative.
"Thirty men went missing.
"Seven live.

"Three to open the doors.
"Three to focus that power.
"And one to bring chaos to the world.

"All while the Outsider watches... and plots"