The ct march event is coming up soon.
I hope you all can attend!!!
Its going to be fun!!
Puzzles, traps, monsters to fight!!

OOG: the face book event post says three towers: part one,
But I wanted to again let everyone know that each of these tower events are stand alone, so you DONT need to attend all 3 in order to get the full story. But each one is going to be just as awesome.

I am writing the event with help from the other ct staff. If you came to OCT, or heard about it, know I am working super hard on each of these events and doing my best to make them as fun, if not more fun than the oct. So come pc or npc, either way, come and see, come and have some indoor larping fun!!

IG: An important ally is missing something of value. It is up to the adventures to locate and return. A strange tower has appeared on the edge of the absence. Could it be just coincidence or something more?