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It was slush, then ice, then slush, then ice, then slushy ice, but we got through it! Huge thank you for each of you who came out to PC this event despite the weather. Without you guys there we wouldn't be able to have these events to begin with! Daphne thanks for making food as well.

Special thanks to Nedda, Ariel, Jordyn(not Jason), Sharon(not Shannon), Zach, and Nate for NPCing for us. You guys were great and really took control of the roles you were given!

I hope you guys had some favorites, so I'll semi-start this off:

- The Banshee. Carly, you had had a flawless costume and the screams were amazing.
- Asura character development---dang Adam, I was not expecting 100% of the things you did this event. (in a good way)
- "You're taking my adorable magma chipmunks and making them Evil!"- Nedda to Rob
- Biata Children stealing things during breakfast--especially the forks and the tip basket at the same time (oh Zach)
- Tarqaqs 11th eating of a Shatter Spirit. One day sir, an NPC will know your secret! (I swear Seamus you take every shatter spirit I've seen thrown)
- PC organization during Banshee fight. We through voice radius', 4 Seal Guardians with 4 pops, various continuous spawning undead and by pop 3 you executed the plan with precision and communication. This is the 4th year NPCing with Chicago, and never once have I seen you guys pull together like a town and formulate and execute a strategy that perfectly.
- The Harpy reveal. 2.5 years I've been waiting to show others besides the few that knew.
-Foss "I went and done a silly thing" Siril
- Private Rogers, Corporal "C" Biscuit and Sgt. Wilkins new player training
- The Walmart greeter of Warder Glyphs (Arcane Silence x16)
- Sunday morning mod going 0% like how I thought it would go from the PCs
- Andrea's bread. Hot fresh bread was so friggin good.
- Paul to me, "She's a Stone Elf right? I don't see any ears". "Oh yeah, Stone Elves have ears!"--I may have been rusty.

I'm sure I'll put more!

The pink haired Biata Knight HoP
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Minnesota Staff
Hopefully I surprised you in a good way Ryan.


Chicago Staff
Lot of great moments. Thanks to everyone. Just a few of the favorites that I can think of while half asleep now...

Rob S to me "I will kiss your blister"
Jehan and Durehdel hugging out the werewolf moment...lot of golem on golem biting
The Circle of Life Monologue by Gnot
"Love 9 Gas Poision" Packets followed by Archimedes doing the splits to dodge them all
The silver dust destroy magic ritual... so many werewolves that will never get to be :(
Being the dwarf who hid behind the door to just get murdered, and than trying to possum twice but still getting gacked each time
Having PCs answer Egg twice to a puzzle that really did not like wrong answers.
Epic Banshee fight, in which the town fought smart.
The Old Glory Ternians
This is going to be a short list for me. See that my loving husband shares everything with me and shared is cold the day before the event. I started feeling sick Friday on the way to game and Saturday was just waisted.

The good

· Fire breathing chipmunks. “me thinks we will put it in a circle and see what it can do”

· “If those were squirrels Dont would be killing someone” I believe that is was I heard. :p

· “OK… Who stole my Chipmunk?” Then finding “mother” who Gnot kept feeding “gifts" to while having hallucination trying to see mother.

· Enan getting under Dont’s fur. That takes talent … Love ya Enan

· Making plans, salving problems and maybe causing more. Sorry no details on that. :p

· Giving a dwarf a kick butt beard. Bad thing now I have to make another for my dwarf.

· Dont and Gnot's new kids … What and Oh Yeah. Dawn screaming in Dont's mind NOOOOO!!!! And Dont saying “OK me be your new mommy.” Buy the way the names of the Human kids Gnot and Dont adopted is Gnot's fault. Dont wanted Maybe and What. 1 out of 2 not to bad, compromise is part of being married.

· Foss “I did a bad thing”

· Quickling eating half of my Dark Chocolate Espresso beans

· New and old adventures

· Awesome NPCs as always.

· Wonderful RP

· What can I say, Love going out of our way to play with ya all.

The bad

· Being sick (brain was so fuzzy) and sorry if I came of cranky a little bit. Not sure if I did I tried really hard. *hugs*

· ICE …. SNOW …. COLD …. ICK

Again I am sorry I was sleeping off this bug. I’m still not 100% but working on it. Thank you to all who liked our weapons and stuff. Love you all. CAN’T WAIT TILL APRIL!!!


I was flattered that you guys spent so many potions to make my troglodyte an honorary PC for twenty-five minutes. Fun weekend all around. Things did get a little weird at the end of the Ghost Cow's Revenge mod...


I hope everyone had a good time despite all the snow, and that you didn't run out of dry socks too early... And I didn't fall down on the ice and hurt myself until Sunday, which was nice.

--Great job, NPCs! I hope you can all make it down for the next event, and that we continue to have more NPCs than plot members in monster camp... which has not always been the case in the past.
--Seeing the town band together and dive right in to the weekend plot, and manage to take me down with zero resurrections. Woo! It was a tough bunch of fights, but you stayed on track and kicked our collective butt.
--Speaking of which, coming in as the baroness to give the town a pep talk, and finding out that you all had a plan and were on your way out the door.
--My dwarf guard almost successfully escaping from the PCs, but then getting stuck outside because the stupid door doesn't have a handle on the outside, and my tiny fingers aren't strong enough to pry it open... with two angry MWEs staring at me while I struggled with it. That was awkward.
--Lilly and her new team of aspiring heroes coming to my potentially deadly puzzle basement to get yelled at by Authorized Proctor Worst Stone Elf Ever. Realizing that not everyone's feet are as small as mine. And also the heroes trying to think a way out of the second test... "Maybe we should just ask nicely?" It's always worth a try! :) And also Silp... being Silp. "Hooray! We're barely good enough!"
--The long-suffering guards of Barony Fairfax, poor guys.
--Foss always does at least one silly thing. I don't know why anyone is surprised anymore...
--Lilly's fresh bread, and feeding the refugees in the Baroness's manor Saturday night during shoes off time.
--It turns out people are downright friendly to undead, as long as the undead is hiding in a circle.
--Being a big scary banshee, and people hurling themselves in front of my DFM packets.
--Finally getting to show off the captain's journal I made like 7 months ago... which then sprouted legs and disappeared sometime on Saturday. Oh well... We'll find you, one of these days...

Not as good were wet feet, certain people's nasty foot blisters (Rob :p ), waking up with whiskey and cigarettes voice on Sunday after a night of screaming, and also wet feet and cold hands!


In no particular order: (I am bad with names)...

Raven Scavenger gentleman seeks Gnot out during Friday night for weapons training. I was touched :oops:

My inept skills at lighting, smoking, and keeping lit a pipe :p

Stirring the pot, with regards to, the "town" moves to a completely new area, and random magical catastrophies keep happening to us. "There must be a reason!"

Discussions with the Nobles, and with Jehan

Working with the new folks visiting from other Games, strategic and tactically to excellent conclusion on the Troglodyte mod.

My wife and I both being sick with some sort of head cold, and driving to game with 3 hours of sleep, after running a RPG game the previous evening for my kids, cuz they couldn't go.

Over-voltaging my lightup shield the day prior to the game, because I hooked up the large battery pack in parallel with the inverters, rather than in series, and putting 8.4 volts across the nominally 3 volt inverters. It glowed brightly for 15-20 seconds ;P

Having to learn how to instinctively block with my offhand weapon, and teach myself to use a different stance.

Seeing Jenn Witt happy with her weapons.

Seeing the Lone Dwarf enjoying the Calimacil sword I brought

Seeing Dont smacking me with the warhammer I brought

Seeing NPCs split off to attack specifically me when they had the "good stuff", and then after slaying, cursing, 20 chaos, arcane deathing me, go and play nicely with others :) I like the attention :)

Interference from Mr. Bunnykins the Evil. The little smiles that plot members had when they screw with me, umm.. Arcane Hallucinate x 3 (they all are laughing at you, they are all biata!)

The mano e mano encounters with the Banshee, she didn't want to talk to me. So (90 earths slay - no effect) okay..... then later (90 earth slay x4, eats them all, then 20 chaos, 20 chaos, death, death, arcane death). We made friends. Course she crumbles 8.2 seconds later.:rolleyes:

Spraining 4 toes on my left foot, from lunging into zenkuzudachi in the snow fighting Mr. Benike, to exploit when he'd stop attacking me :)

<Late Addition> Roleplaying with Sae Azaka for hours about why he has forgotten 6 years in game, and attempting to show him how to validate his own reality.
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I suppose I might as well share as well, my favorites in roughly "as I think of them" order.

- Epic DFM block on my circle, that was an instant wall of adventurers.
- So many new people - wish I had time to hang out with more of you, but Lilly beat me to the roll of helper (she's better at it anyway)
- Rabbitkin Shadow - was neat to have Nara in the shadows for most of the event, hopefully she enjoyed it as much! It too bad my Rabbit ears look better on her than me.
- Waystone fun, typical of celestialists to intentionally hobble the earth casters just to look cool.
- Playing "Barrister may I?" all week, was nice to be the local gut check around town ^.^
- Not casting a single life spell until the banshee fight when I burned a dozen in 5 minutes.
- Defenders Mushroom Farming
- Asura buying the celestial item just to keep Foss from having it. (you've saved us all!)
- Hanging out with Tarquq - never enough time to hang out with my favorite fox (that's right I said it)
- Ractor trying to get Enan on the hippy train and being 'polite' about it. "Yeah, unhuh, save nature, infuse your own energy, very interesting....we done here?"
- Town Box use - Was awesome to see it functionally being used in game.
- Gambling with Arkemides and folks
- Big bad needing to be reverse cursed in order to be killed? The day of my level 3 spells has come!
- Trying to score a win with a gift of life on one of the undead folks, was a bummer that they didn't want to be saved :-(
Great Opener was super weird being on the other side of the camp all weekend and not having a clue what to do next. I have a lot of favorites so here goes in no order:

-C-guild Shenanigans:
Jehan upon seeing all C guild members but himself got a mark: " Nobody tells me nothing that's going on in my own guild" Someone responding "It was in the newsletter" and Jehan's response " We have a Newsletter? See nothing!"

-Selling celestial ritual casting "experiences" Vengeance for the WIN!

-All the new players, great costuming, and great attitude. Awesome playing with you guys, can't wait to do it again.

-Nicolai the new Gypsie! You just bellied up to the bar and started chatting me up exactly like a good Rom should...Had a blast RPing with you.

-We had a player visit all the way from FRANCE! I'll catch you this Fall Andrea!

- Working out a 2 yr old argument with Duradaddy! We had a great scene discussing why it happened and making it not happen again. Ryan I will miss you sir.

- Getting invested in the C circle- Rob D called me to ask how the heck I did it...I told him I just asked?

-Frito Chili! Yummy Thanks Daphne! Great Idea.

-Paying off a Debt to Sam Gemclipper, which brought me into a heck of module with 4 high levels and 4 low levels duking it out with Trogs for an hour. I tapped out, lost my keys, kicked butt, got layed out a few times and generally had a blast of a super challenging module.

- Finding my keys! Thanks to all who helped me Look...and special thanks to Chris I from SoMI for creating Belly.

-Getting Bailed out by Enan and Ark and being able to pay them back ASAP. Although I still gotta learn to play Cribbage...yuk.

-Foss, "I punch you one, I punch you two, I punch you three"....loved that scene and seeing where Rob D is taking that plot.

-Realizing the Guardians were just hemming us in Sat night and rushing ahead with Draco/Ian to find the Banshee alone then 5 undead start spawning over and over...Its been a while since I was worried...but that did it.

- Seeing folks working together to a huge effect during the Sat Night fight.

-Asura's/Foss Bidding War " Guys you do not want Foss to have this!"

Thats a lot...thanks guys!

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
Great event, everybody! Thanks so much to all the plot members and NPCs! Here are some of my favorites, in no order:
  • The Hero's Challenge! "Good enough seal of approval! We're not heroes, but we're just fine!"
  • Beating the crap out of Nathan's Guardian, both in the Hero's Challenge ending and during the big Banshee fight.
  • Being a surprisingly huge source of information because other people don't soak in what they hear like Silp does.
  • All the reactions to the various instances of "Yep, it's wood." I can't believe it took until this event to notice me doing that! I did it all last event, too!
  • Not getting to break the first seal and being the Silp equivalent to disgruntled about it, but then getting to break the second and show it off to everyone when I got back. Mine was the coolest-looking one.
  • Late-night idea meeting on Friday. "I've got it! We break into the Celestial Guild, break out of the Celestial Guild, break back into the Celestial Guild..."
  • Just having all the great interactions with other folks, really. Playing Silp is such a refreshing change, and I love being able to lightheartedly hang out with everyone.
  • Jehan and Silp Earth Guild exchange. "I don't think you possibly could find a better person for finding you random stuff."
  • The happy-sad polearm! "You can fight around corners with it!"
  • "So, what do I do?" "Just do whatever you feel is natural to feel one with the tree." "Can I climb it?" "I don't know if that's the best--" "I'm gonna climb it."
  • Late-night talking with Adam about stuff, then getting to ride home with him and Ryan.
Probably more, too. All in all, great game, folks. I can't wait to see y'all again soon!


Wow, so many good things and to quantify it all...
  • Thanks to plot and the NPC's for a great weekend! I didn't have much down-time as there was always something going on, from RP to things trying to bite my face off, you guys did a great job!
  • It was great being able to catch up with old friends, doing some hard-core RP, and being able to resolve some old scores.
  • An impromptu tea ceremony with Marsters and Asura, sometimes you need to break someone down to build them back up again. Altho, D was about ready to unleash his fury due to all the interruptions! Note: if you want to have a private conversation, don't do it in the Earth Guild.
  • Making a list late Friday night of Wayside's 99-problems, feeling great about fixing about 8 of them, only to have the C-Guild add another 5... If only I had more time, we could actually make some progress!
  • Learning the most important lesson...ditch the adventurers tavern in favor of other local businesses
  • Buying Asura a horse <insert grumpy cat jokes here>
  • 3 Golems in 1 mod! I would love to get a picture of the three of us!
  • Making binding decisions without any authority to do so
  • Finally activating the waystone! It no longer needs to live in my trunk :D
  • Realizing that he didn't know how to activate the waystone, and deciding to wait for the earth caster even though it took longer "claiming" he didn't want to burn an extra component.
  • Extremely silly o'clock on Friday night, I was laughing so hard I was crying!
  • Rebuilding bridges with Jehan, even if it did include a golem-on-golem bite fest. I especially enjoyed the showering of accolades we gave to each other in front of the Solar!
  • Realizing that the C-guild has 99 problems of its own...
  • Attempting to "fix" Foss with deep thoughts of wisdom...we'll see if any of it sticks!
  • Ritual Casting with friends and pyrotechnics. I was slightly reckless with the amount that I used, I'm glad only Paul's ear-hair got singed :p
  • Teaching others about celestial magicks and wands to Asura's detriment...sorry buddy :p
  • Being sufficiently challenged in my golem, but not feeling steamrolled! You guys/gals in Chicago do a great job!
Thanks again to everyone, I am glad to have left Wayside on a high-note with a crap-ton of awesome memories!!!

Thank you to the staff and NPC's for a great event.
My Favorites: (no particular order)
  • NEW WEAPONS! Thank you! Can't wait to get the painting started.
  • Hanging out with Don't and Gnot.
  • Fire breathing chipmunks
  • Trog Mod! Save the EGGS!
  • That scary looking bunny of Gnot's. (*shivers* CREEPY!)
  • Finally seeing Jehan in action
  • Feeling like I am getting a hang of this RP thing. (Slowly but surely!)
  • Sam laughing at my varied and unique pain faces while I was getting fixed up by El after falling. :)
While it definitely wasn't a favorite a sincere thank you to everyone that helped me when I took a serious dive on the icy path. The quick responses were very appreciated!

Thank you!
-Jen Witt


My favorites
  • Being the only crunchie with casting during the big mod. I quite enjoyed chucking my 10 elemental chaos per pop, hehe.
  • Getting a sneak attack hit from behind on Ractor while simultaneously wiping out epically.
  • Being able to make my fire-breathing chipmunks a reality. Thanks so much plot team!
  • Master Clawsome's amazing "Whatever" ending after Dure'dhel and Jahen's super intense incanting.
  • The quickling's visit and expresso beans.
  • falling multiple times, yet only sustained minimal bruising.
  • Andrea's/Lily's bread :D
  • Cousin Roy and his pigs.
  • Hanging out in monster camp
My absolute favorite bit was dinner after the big mod on Saturday, which included all the following:
  • Alliciousness and Shay-A-Ron
  • "And this is why I don't bring you out in public Alliciousness!"
  • "magic adult water"
  • New Daddy, Old Daddy, and Other Daddy.
  • Being lured outside with sugar cubes, then promptly running back inside.
  • Getting adopted by Gnot and Don't, and being named What and Oh yeah!
  • Gnot "getting into character" while I was wearing his ears.
  • More sugar cubes
Sadly, my face decided to freak out shortly afterwards and the benedryl knocked me out so I missed the rest of saturday night.
I think the best part of all was realizing Sunday night that if Jordyn and Zach had named me and Sharon something normal instead of Shay-A-Ron and Allicousness, Gnot and Don't would have never gotten kids....


  • Getting an epic awesome new beard! (Thank you Dawn!)
  • Being a literal plot device, and using my first magic item, a badass shield!
  • Knot letting me use a pretty sweet sword on Saturday
  • After 8 years of use, my boots received a warriors death after running in the snow to get the medical marshal. (glad everything turned out well)
  • Squire Foss accidentally calling Sam my 'master.' Fun to put on my best dwarven death glare.
  • Sprinting ahead with Jehan/Paul, then the question arising as we're magic circled surrounded by undead, "uh, there's a plan right?"
  • My little spill in the snow during the final fight, "All I can see is beard and chainmail!"
I will not miss the ice, snow, and cold. Also not so fun was my pipe breaking as I tapped it out.

Can't wait til next week!