Market Report -Tel'Vania


Atlanta Staff
Fortanis Market Report: Tel'Vania

Welcome to Tel'Vania, a place gripped in the battle against an ancient enemy known only as the Blight. The Silvervale outpost is a central and neutral location where adventurers can rest and prepare to fight against the darkness encroaching upon the lands. While visiting the outpost one must be careful as blighted insects are ravaging the countryside. Blighted flies, giant hornets, beetles, bees, and even burrowing centipedes have been known to attack the populace. Tread carefully as the blight has given these creatures strange and necromantic powers.

The Magpie Meadery services all needs of the community. There is an abundance of snacks, drinks, meals, and vitals all at the low cost of just a silver. With four meals totaling 4 silver coins, the average adventurer can find something to eat the entire gathering. Traditionally the Barons pay for the meals of the commoners which allows the populace to focus on amassing wealth and improving their lot in life. This is a copper based economy as the majority of coins found are copper. Meals are valued in silver but treasure is all copper. Production is also rare with necromantic potions being the most common. Strange oddities have also been found ranging from items valued at 1 CP (such as linen and cloth) to 5 CP items (such as false teeth and glowing bones). Reagents can sometimes be found and are valued at 1 Gold coin. There is also a sentient caterpillar that travels the area. Do not harm them as they can produce a myriad of potions from the base of their tail. Most adventurers can agree that the potions taste best when they are fresh from the tail and warm. Secretions from the caterpillar can be found all over the lands and are bottled as potions.

Currently all artisans have sworn fealty to one of the many Barons in the area. Unless you have a special skill or get an order in advance it is very hard to sell or barter for goods and services. The town has one inscriptionist, 2 blacksmiths, 6 alchemists, and 1 tinker. The economy is stagnant as wealth is concentrated in the hands of Nobility with most ritual scrolls winding up in the safekeeping of the Barons. Magic Items are extremely rare. The average wealth an adventurer can make here is roughly 1 gold per market weekend in a mix of coin and production.