Masquerade Favorite Moments Thread


Saoirse enjoyed dancing with Marcus, Axel, Torrin (paricularly when he used her as a bludgeon against another pair of partners), and Aden.
She also enjoyed a clandestine meeting, and working to solve the four letter word riddle.
OOG I liked the quick conversation with Dry Rot and Aden, though Saoirse was upset, and the plot twist that Paul delivered to my PC personally, which I totally did not see coming!

Thank you so much Laura, for an unpredictable night and such a meal! Thank you NPCS!

Aden Corso

  • Seeing everyone dressed to the nines was such a delight!
  • Delivering a gift to Baroness Katherine - a pendant with a heart-shaped ruby and a crown, telling her the colours had reminded me of the roses in the gardens Aden had been lucky enough to visit. It turns out it was strangely apt.
  • Challenging Giilu. The demands of honour are often heavy.
  • The meeting with Styles. Layers upon layers.
  • The entertainment portion of the evening. Jordan is amazing. Then being surprised by a request for a song -- I think I did okay. And again, the song I chose was horribly appropriate before the end of the night.
  • Avoiding a certain Umbrasan noble house as though my life depended on it.
  • Picking the guilty party before the will was read. Lady Castille wasn't going anywhere if Corso had anything to say about it.
  • Hey, look. Vampires.
  • Intense RP with Baroness Thane, and later Alexander. 'Let me kill her.' The beautiful realization of what all of everything has been for, and why we have to be different.
  • Delicate moments with Saoirse.

Bri Bedore

I loved getting to play Baroness Thane exactly a year to the day we first introduced her. Seeing her grow from a flustered Disney Princess just trying to put on a brave face, mooning over the daring adventurers, all the way to the commanding, confident force she has become has been such a ride. I LOVE getting to develop relationships with players and non-players alike through Gwen's particular lens. Some stand out moments:
  • Getting an anniversary present from Sorocco, a gorgeous notebook for the "paper" anniversary. So thoughtful and so fun.
  • Trying not to cough myself to pieces while I'm suffering from a murderous cold IRL and have to talk to people all night, then imposing a bit of order on a the evening's chaos (I have no idea how I had enough of a voice to do that).
  • Looking out from the kitchen to see Petra whirling around Alexander as if she's trying to bludgeon the rest of the dancers with his body.
  • Throwing players for a loop during the private interrogations. Hah. HAH.
  • Interactions with Hildr and Orsolya, my dear shadows, and all of Gwen's concerned friends. Y'all are so sweet to her.
  • The cathartic closure of Gwen's complicated relationship with Baroness Kat. I surprised myself when I burst into tears at the end, but uh, it was what was happening I guess.


First, I want to say, that I truly enjoy playing Lord Styles McGuiness. And while I didn't have the best mobility this game, I still enjoyed myself greatly. This is what I enjoyed the most:

-My conversations with Aden before the game even started. Dane Ficklin plays such a fun character and it is nice to get some plot "alone time" every so often with the PCs
-Having a clear path between players. For some reason, the characters do not like to interact with Styles. And so they avoid him whenever they can. It is fun to watch.
-Jordan as the fool. I enjoyed greatly being able to show the players all of the animosity the various Patrician Conclave members have for each other. To have no Rothechild family member there was just the icing on the insult cake.
-Interacting with "the opera house culprits" was a highlight for sure. To explain some lovely in game lore and background was just great.
-Styles and Saoirse. Oh man... the plot thickens!
-The dancing bet! Styles making a wager with Saoirse and Sasha, stating "I bet you can't get Marcus, the bookworm, to dance with you." and then watching Marcus squirm with book in hand, while Saoirse was practically begging him for a dance. Oh man... and then the side bet that if Marcus did dance, whether or not he would bring along his book or not. Ha! Loved it.
-Dancing with Sasha! HA! And watching Torrin get LIVID that Styles was dancing with his lady love. Oh man. It was great. Oh! And Sasha's comment "Um, mind putting your hand on my shoulder and now my waist?" lololol! It was just great watching her face while she said that. I loved it very much.
-The mystery at night! So much going on here. So many groups to entertain. Whew... lord have mercy. What a great show for us all!
-To see that one of the Patrician Conclave was actually the killer? And the aftermath of their betrayal. Holy smokes. Umbrasa will never be the same.

It was such a lovely event! I can't wait for next years Midsummer Event! I think we will make this a yearly thing! But next year, we will turn it into a weekend event!


Masquerade favorite moments

  • Orsolya meeting a Commerce Guild representative with the last name “Von Gelding”. She’s from the Horse Tribe (think conquest era Hungarian, or Mongolian) and so the first thing she thinks of is “neutered male horse”, and is amused and confused as to why or how someone would have that surname.
  • Cultural comparisons between Acarthia and Umbrasa, Yalinth and Dragonhold, Free Folk and humans. Discussions thereof with the baron of Vunderland (I wish we’d gotten to roleplay more!), the Fool, and a couple others.
  • Watching the dance floor, and the delightful contrast between Petra’s madcap whirlwind and the grace of Sasha and Torrin. Also making lots of snarky oathsworn comments about the lack of drums and a good fire to leap around.
  • Talking about the upside-down wisdom and sacredness of fools with Vipertongue. (I need to find more excuses to roleplay with Jordan, every scene I’ve had with any character of his has been an absolute delight.) Orsolya is increasingly convinced that humans are the uncivilized ones, not free folk/barbarians/oathsworn who are so often called uncivilized but actually have serious hospitality traditions and respect for Fool-wisdom and don’t need their agreements written down in order to hold to them. ;)
  • Stepping inside partway through the rotations of questioning and sharing notes briefly with Hildr’, hearing someone mention that the woman with the puffy dress seemed the one with the most to gain from the murder... Orsolya frowned, shook her head, said it was too obvious. Nodded towards Lady Castille and said she is rather certain it was her. Hildr’ asks why, and Orsolya says just a feeling, something about how overtly friendly and frequently hugging she had been with the deceased Baroness, something felt off; an instinct more than anything. Mind you, Orsolya had been busy checking on people and keeping an eye on Baroness Thane so hadn’t been part of questioning or gathering info. I was rather pleased to find my instinct was correct.
  • Talking to Gwen outside, in a brief few minutes when no one was questioning her and everyone else was indoors— checking in with her and getting more of her story. Gwen’s sheer emotion and raw pain and fury. (Bri is another person I will take any excuse to roleplay with, so much good emotional play!) Orsolya getting to do some brief counseling on Gwen and learning more about what makes Gwen tick in the process.
  • A quiet solemn talk with DuVak and Hildr’ in the amphitheater outside.
  • Hildr’ and Orsolya talking with Fredrick and Valentine outside, and fending off the (utterly ridiculous!) insinuations of romantic feelings from them, Orsolya being confused and Hildr’ deflecting, while Fredrick and Valentine smugly commiserated over how much in denial (and how flustered) they thought Hildr’ and Orsolya were. Just a really amusing fun scene.
  • Got to have the big argument / fight between Hildr’ and Orsolya that we’d been plotting for a month :D and it was even better than I’d hoped for. Said awful things to each other and now Orsolya won’t be back til October. Not many people were around because game ended well before we thought it would, but it worked out pretty well.