Master Quynn's Rooms

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"Enter" calls the gentle voice from within.
Zanthia enters the room, closing the door behind her. "Do you have some time to chat? I could use your opinion on a matter with one of the members from Parson's Breach." She sits in the nearest chair.
"Of course youngling, I always have time to chat with you. What troubles you?" Quynn says as she takes a seat as well.
"I am familiar with Thistle, but not too much about her history."
"After she came to Parson's Breach, she was unsure of some of our other members. Because of Fredrick's actions, she nearly left the guild. Master Wayanwood has been working with her since. During this time I have had several disturbing reports that she may have been pursuing Celestial magic, but no proof was provided. That all changed at the masquerade when the Archmage received a nearly-complete Celestial spell book with her name on it."
"Oh dear, well that certainly is disturbing. Naturally we must deal with this, I suggest that you recall Wayanwood back here, he should be involved as he has been working with her."
"That is what I feared, but it must be done. He won't like being recalled so early." Zanthia heaves a sigh and stands. "Well, there is nothing for it. Thank-you for your time." Zanthia heads out the door.
Not open for further replies.