Master Wayanwood's Study

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After attempting to summon Master Quynn, the Keeper runs down the hall to Master Farrowan Wayanwood's chambers. Master Wayanwood had only recently returned, and reluctantly, the Keeper begins knocking on his door.

"Master Wayanwood? Are you within?" he begins tumultuously, "I'm sorry to disturb you, but something terrible has happened. The circle is full of spirits. We need help."

After a moment, the door is opened. A strange looking dryad is standing in the doorway, his face looking like bark and leaves and twigs sticking out in every which direction where others would have hair. "Lets go then. No time to waste." Master Wayanwood steps out and closes the door behind him and the two hurry as quickly as the Master is able down the hall, to the outside stairs at the back of the courtyard.

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Fredrick knocks on Farrowan door. Fredrick has yet to meet this master so he does not know what to expect as of yet.
A crackly old voice like the sound of dried leaves responds from the other side of the door. "Yes? Who's there?"
"Master Wayanwood it is Fredrick a Keeper from Parson Breech. Master Quynn said you maybe able to be of some assistance if you have a moment.
Mumbling can be heard from the other side of the door. After a moment, the door is opened. Once again, a strange looking dryad is standing in the doorway. His face has the appearance of bark. Where others would have hair, leaves and twigs are sticking out in every which direction.

Master Farrowan Wayanwood looks over Fredrick, then beckons him inside, turning back into his room. It's darker in here than in the hall, and very humid. A large desk dominates the center of the room, covered in books and parchment. Every other possible surface is covered with plants, no two alike. At first glance, they appear to be growing wildly everywhere. Upon closer inpection, it can be seen that the plants are actually part of the furniture; carefully holding books and potions alike. Thick vines cover the door to the Master's bedchamber. Other than the desk, only the large fireplace is clear of foliage. Which being summer, this is empty and clean.

"Close the door behind you please." the Master says as he makes his way to his desk.
Fredrick follows the master into the room and closes the door.

"Master Wayanwood there here is what I wanted to see you about ..."

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Thistle is less troubled by the events that happened almost two months ago at Parson's Breach. The Earth Weaver Enclave brought many issues to light, and everyone is aware and now keeping an eye on Initiate Fredrick. It was good to see Boata again, being able to discuss this matter with another Dyrad helped. Thistle had given her word that she would not talk about the events except with those that were present, so having another being who she knows and respect with whom she can discuss this matter and and any other's that may come up is a relieve. This is only Thistle's second visit to Calenhelm (as she had no time to stop and visit on her way to Fayebridge) and non-dryads still confuse her.

It was good to meet the other Master's of the Earth Weaver's, especially Master Wayanwood. Maybe he can help sometimes when I have questions that Boata or Sheriff Isawda cannot answer. Thistle knocks on his door, not knowing if he is in.
From beyond the door a raspy voice can be heard "Who is it?"
"It is Thistle Thornwood, we met at the Enclave", Thistle said respectfully. To speak otherwise to a Dryad Elder would be unthinkable.
The door creaks open, or is that the sound the old Dryad's wooden arm is making? Once the door is open the various odors of the flowers and plants hit Thistle like an ocean wave onto a beach. Inside Thistle can see all forms of plants, flowers, vines and more. The room is quite humid compared to the rest of the Earth Weaver's building.

"Please, come inside. I assume you have more questions? How may I be of service to you sapling?" a smile crosses his face as he looks at the youth in this one's eyes.
"Thank you for seeing me. I do have some more concerns I would like to discuss."

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A Page knocks on Master Wayanwood's door and waits for a reply.
From behind the door, the sounds of a tree rustling can be heard. Then a creaky voice says "Enter".
The Page enter's the study. "I have a note here for you Master Wayanwood from an Earthweaver named Thistle. Would you like me to wait for a reply?"
"Thistle? Who is.. oh yes, the young Dryad from the north. No, no, there is no need for you to wait. I will send for her when I am ready to." The aging Dryad motions to the 'desk' that he has in his office (more of a stump than a desk, really) and a small pile of papers upon it. With that Master Wayanwood turns to a nearby shrub and continues to shape it with strings and wires.
The Page places the note on the 'desk' as indicated and then quietly leaves the Master to his studies. Bowing as he shuts the door behind him, the Page then returns to his duties at the library.
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