May 21st Event Details Summary


New Hampshire Staff
More detailed information can be found elsewhere on these forums, but I had made a post with a summary on social media. After I had done so it was requested that I also repeat that post here. The following is a copy of it.

The Cinderfel May Saturday one day Beta Test event is coming up quick. We have been working out some bugs in our new systems but I wanted to try and sum things up here a little.

The May event will be a single day event and will run from 9 AM on Saturday until at least 8 PM on Saturday.

Payment for the event can be made on our recently redesigned website

Registration for the event can be done in the CMA

Registration is not fully completed until you fill out the google form whose web address is presented at the end of the CMA portion of the registration.

We will not be tracking deaths for this test event.

Players will be allowed to Spirit Forge and/or Race Change their character for the duration of the event in order to play test the new rules.

Similarly Players will be allowed to start with an LCO Superior Equipment tag of their choice that will expire at the end of the event. Players may also start with some Crafting Materials of their choice that will come out of Treasure Policy for the event. The total value of these materials will be determined prior to the event based on available TP.

If you are modifying your character use the Beta Test CMA to make one with the same build total as the character you have registered for the event. Then print your test character card and bring it with you to the event.

I look forward to seeing you all at the event. Have a great couple of weeks.