May 25-27 Pre-Reg!!!


Weekend: May 25-27
Location: MUCC Cedar Lake Outdoor Center
2500 Pierce Rd
Chelsea, MI 48118

This is a reminder for everyone to pre-reg for the event! We want to try to get everyone through logistics as quickly as possible and have an idea of how much food is needed for the event. The sooner people get logistisized the sooner the game can begin on Friday night! The pre-reg deadline is Monday, May 21st at midnight!!

Please refer to our PRE-REG POLICY post in the announcements for instructions on how to pre-reg.

Pre-reg event cost: $45
At the door event cost: $55

You also get 30 goblin stamps for sending in your pre-reg!

**Reminder, MEMBERSHIPS are due this event if you have a character housed in the South Michigan Database. Memberships are $15**

You do NOT have to pre-pay to get the pre-reg discount. However, if you would like to pre-pay you can send payment through Paypal to:
If using the Paypal service, please include a $2.00 processing fee to the total to cover transaction costs.

Pre-regged PCs:
Alison T.
John L.
Mike N.
Amber M.
Marcus L.
Aaron V.
Dawn V.
Doug F.
Anique P.
Tim S.
Dave R.
Rob O.
Wes W.
Matt F.
Chris T.

Travis G.
Chad S.
Chris I.
James R.
Matt Ferrara has been kind enough to run the tavern for us for the event! Food will be $10 per person.

Tenative Menu:

Breakfast: Pancakes
Lunch: Hot dogs and Macaroni and Cheese
Dinner: Tacos

Snacks and drinks will be available at all times.