May 31- June 2 "Welcome Mistwalkers"

Brandy Smith-Watrous

New Hampshire Staff
Thought I'd toss up a favorite moments thread for the crazy people who came out to the Cinderfel first event!

By the way, you all are a fun crazy bunch of people. I will have a lot of fun learning your character's personalities and likes/dislikes.

1. Seeing the immense roleplay of the Formian Queen and all the PC's reacting to getting their very own ant egg!
2. Captain Kit & Scaly visiting after the Marauders already heisted all the pickles.
3. Puzzle box on Friday night and having Vessa holler words at the door.
4. Goblin merchants... and not having to RP how bad i am at math.
5. Sam-a-saurus Rex
6. Whispering to Tobias & Kay... "I wouldn't take cheese from that guy [Rhydel]" as Sir Alex

But the best was the PC faces when the told me they enjoyed the writing of the weekend.

Videa Logistics

New Hampshire Staff
1. Gary roaring as he gets berserked as Heresy. All the NPC's just stop and watch the bodies drop.

2. Role playing the mages with the town and watching the suspicion build and grow over the weekend.

3. Getting Susie as a page paralyzed and her reaction. GOT HER!!!

4. Watching a newish group of adventures work together and become a true fighting force on the field.

5. Having a totally new appreciation for those that run games and NPC.

Thank you all for a truly memorable opener!

Seth Prew
NPCs - you were few but fierce! What a great job. I enjoyed you killing me with so many different faces!

Tempesta's new life goals of communicating with the "Tree Guardians" (Kikari) [sp?]

The ant queen giving us RIDING ANTS for treasure!!! Sparky is amazing and I have to figure out how to rep him!

Being dropped into the middle of an ant hill in the middle of the night, having to figure out puzzles and the cool mushrooms coming out of a skull.

Tempesta's teacher (Duorn) falling from who knows where through the roof of an ant tunnel!

THE Gargoyle coming to life!

Rat Scavenger

Goblin merchants that took "pretty rocks" in exchange for items.

The cool new tavern look was amazing and all the fruit!!!!

The Kikari are perhaps my most favorite thing ever.

Getting protective spells from the bard! seriously this was an amazing effect.

Getting to sell cookies in game for coin and in exchange for spells.

I loved the bartering that was going on. For the races that don't care much about coin, it was so much fun.

Getting a mummified eye, claws, and needle teeth for treasure. I am having a blast turning them into a necklace.

The troll, goblins and hobling pirates that come into the tavern, the troll walks out and I am asking everyone "it has claws and a bow, what was it?" Duorn: "a troll". Tempesta: "why is it still alive?" Also, THE PIRATE QUEEN!!!!

Vessa and Tempesta talking about Derrek and Rydell. The sense of impending doom and knowing we are talking to people who are NOT what they appear to be. SO MUCH FUN.

Tempesta wondering why Tobias wasn't moving and realizing later he was in a prison.

Misu keeping Tempesta's battery charged with protectives and healing all gather.

Mangled Mango and Rodday's side eye of judgement to Alloise.

Alloise exploding into monstrous spores.

Brian's elf that came out and told the story about the "sparkling shiny" people that took the forest away. Tempesta really feels for them since her forest was taken away too.

Singing "Brandy" with some of the guys outside on Saturday night. Trying to figure out an in game replacement for Spain.

Just so many more moments I can't even remember them all!!
It was the best even I've been to in a LONG time.


Staff and NPC's you hit this out of the park! I had a great time for the part of the weekend I could make. Sorry I left early, but I am still sore.
Falling out of the sky as a rift.
Figuring out the gargoyle and pulling the pieces together with Ivar. Sounds like I missed it coming to life? Damn!
Standing down the pirate crew. Wish I had landed that flame bolt! I thought Duorn showed remarkable restraint.
Code talk with Lord Vryan. Looking forward to more of that Albert.
Putting together bits of info from when I was there, I really felt immersed in the plot and story. My character history being used. Thank you plot.
Meeting a new dwarf PC. It was great to meet you. I enjoyed the role-play and look forward to more.
A dwarven kingdom to learn about. So stoked for that and already see kernels of things developing.
Thanks all for a great weekend. See you next time!


New Hampshire Staff
What a Amazing event!! Thank you staff and Npc for a event that pulled a char I thought I was close to done with back in :)

In no specific order

Getting to see some old and new friends get to be back in game and Tobias

Talking map with sir Alex and hear the comment I wouldnt take a piece of cheese from him

Melissa pirate/bandit telling tobias she would be back for him when they found out i had coin the attitude change was so hard not to burst out laughing at

Getting to Send Marcus fellow travel mates on mod and know it was taken care of I feel like a dad sending his children off feels wierd to be in the old postion of adventuring now :)

Rydell and the ominous comments seth you did so well at through creeping me out

The mind boggling alchemy that was amazing I have plans for this

Getting to just sit and talk with Lord Vryan again and Squire Dourn

I'm sure there are more and i will post them as i remember


New Hampshire Staff
Yoooooo, this was such an incredibly impressive event! The world had so many amazing details, from immersive setting props to CONSTANT NPC fishbowl action. I was so sososo impressed with the variety of characters displayed, with a variety of motives (some clearer than others!) that all seemed to have fascinating dynamics between one another... How did y'all build up intrigue in the world so fast?! HOW?! Well done, staff! Truly, I'm amazed, and wish I could give more direct feedback as to what made it so awesome, but I really can't put my finger on it. It just felt like every PC got really special attention, and the world was rich and multi-faceted and open to explore. Well done.

Maybe that take is a little biased because I AM THE MOST SPECIAL, MAGICAL BARD IN ALL THE LAND!!!! Hahah! Thank you thank you thank youuuuuu for giving me a special write-up, special item, and special on-stage follow-up! I DID NOT EXPECT the mushroom planting portal nonsense to escalate that quickly! Whoa! Super cool! (PCs, did anyone else notice that staff was sneakily planting more mushrooms as the day went on until the circle was complete? I checked on it a couple times and was so blown away. Like, hot dang. What pros. So cool.)

Oh yeah, so uh, Vessa is DEFINITELY in over her head with what may or may not be Fey nonsense but WHAT COULD GO WRONG?!

De-escalating the grumpy frost elf felt Very Important, Brian it was awesome RPing with you! I can't believe Vessa has what feels like such a big role in this!
Melissa and Seth also did a great job busting in the tavern for Fey party time! Vessa does not need a lot of encouragement to get to that level of raucous! Woohoooo!

The two mages, Rydell and Derrek. You guys. Are killing me. SHE IS PLAYING THE GAME, NOW. GONNA PESTER Y'ALL UNTIL SHE FIGURES IT OUT.
^ Freaking out with Tempesta when we first realized how shady they were was the BEST.

Asher, you evil dude!!!! WHO DOES THAT?! He was a poor sick man! She was getting him a drink out of the kindness of her heart! HE PARALYZES, INFECTS, AND ATTEMPTS TO ROB HER?!?!? I did NOT see that coming AT ALL and it was such a fun moment!

I got to use a Break Command!! I didn't expect to see that happen as a Page, but when Heresy got berserk'd AND slept, Vessa saw her chance to drag him off the field and basically just slap him around until he snapped out of it, hahahaha. I love racial skills! And, as always, all Gary RP is super duper fun, lol.

Being involved Friday night was an ambitious choice for this preggo lady, but I absolutely loved playing with the puzzle and working on the riddles (aka busting out in random song due to a combination of frustration/inspiration, hahaha!) Glad I didn't get messed up in the combat, too! What an exciting time!

And, of course, singing and playing instruments with friends is an absolute blast, thank you so much to everyone who participated! <3 <3 <3


1. Gary roaring as he gets berserked as Heresy. All the NPC's just stop and watch the bodies drop.

It took a measurable effort to not laugh at that berserk landing and I credit my not laughing to the look of pure joy and murderous Glee on Gary's face as it all went down.


New Hampshire Staff
^ That feel when you definitely have a million dodges left but are allowed to make whatever Smart Guard choices you want.