May 4th-6th Weekend Feedback

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    The problem we kind of were talking about at afters was that. Most player would probably volunteer to npc if you asked them directly. But, if you're trying to deal with player's wanting to go on a mod. You have to make them wait 15 minutes go in town, be disruptive and ask people to npc for you.

    Generally it's better if player's come of their own accord. We should start doing Emerald Flame npc time for an hour or two every TC event we play, where we just go to them ready to npc.
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    This event was very different from what I am used to, but I felt it went pretty good.

    There were some bumps:

    -The elemental mods were poorly executed: for my part on that I could have focused some in town action to alleviate some of the boredom, but I communicated badly with the rest of plot.

    -We kinda “front loaded” the event, so caused some slow downs later.

    -Made a couple of field calls that need some clarification:

    #1 I made the call the DM does not affect battle magic. THIS IS WRONG! Chris has already addressed this earlier, but I thought I’d own up to my mistake.

    #2 I made a call that a person cannot activate a magic item that is being pressed to their back by another person. I promised to check into the call and did.. (or had Chris do it ‘cause I’m lazy):

    Page 103

    Under normal circumstances, you must be the only conscious person having sole clear possession of an item to activate its abilities. The item need not be in a hand to activate; it may be in a pouch or other container, so long as it is clearly possessed by a single individual with the ability to activate the item.

    " It is also possible to activate a magic item that is in another person’s possession, so long as all rules for safety are abided by (i.e., you may not tackle or grab someone that you are currently or about to be in combat with and activate their items, but if your friend Bob is dead, and you know he is in possession of a Life item, you can activate the Life while carrying him away). You should make it clear to the player out-of-game that you are activating their magic items rather than your own"

    -Not having NPCs. It was amazing when two old school players (who you are going to be seeing more of) Doug Henson and Chris Green popped by randomly late saturday to NPC for a few hours. Just two more NPCs made those hours much more fun for everyone.. Just two…

    -Players being proactive with no direction/bad direction. I want to address this because it’s been a recurring problem that isn’t fun for anyone, and I think it’s indicative of an OOG communication failure.

    PCs will come to monster camp looking to scout an area or look for a monster with very little information regarding what they are trying to do. We press them on it, trying to get a mod out of it, but things generally fall apart.

    I think it comes down to a misunderstanding of scope. The setting we run in is vast, the continent is something like 80,000,000 square miles.. Literally, this doesn’t count any outlying islands, elementals planes, outer planes, lost planes, alternate realities.. Ect. It’s also rich, our NPCs often have motivations that have nothing to do with the PCs; while PCs are very important in the world, they are not the center of it.

    If you are trying to hunt a monster in a 1000 square mile region, you are going to have a hard time finding it, even with tracking. Narrowing down your search, or having a solid starting point, is your best bet. Remember that a mod is about action; what actions do you intend to take to accomplish your goals. If you don’t know what kind of action to take, you should talk to other PCs about it, NPCs that come to town, or even do a Vision ritual or see an astrologer. There are lots of options to get more information, a lot of times the first step we set up for a plot line is a gather information step, sometimes you may need to spend an entire event just gathering information on how to move forward.

    This brings up another miscommunication I am seeing a lot: Pacing.

    I feel like a lot of players are really driven to move their personal plots forward, and feel like if they don’t make real progress every event that they are being left behind or have made a mistake. Our philosophy doesn’t jive with that. There are times when you will make great gains in your personal plots and other times that we will directly block you from making ANY progress for a time; there are others when it is up to you. We expect any given personal plot line to take 3 to 6 years to complete; PCs that recognize this have a lot more fun.

    Your best bet if you don’t like the pace of a plot line is to pick up another and rotate between them. You’ll find your game runs better the more things you care about/ actively oppose. Also, keep in mind that the end of a plot line is boring; don’t race for boredom, take your time in the best part.

    Plot actively “tracks” PC’s personal plot lines, and we are interested in moving them forward, rest easy in knowing that if we are waiting on you to perform some task that you don’t know about, and it takes longer than we expect for you to figure it out, we will send something in to give you a push/hint/take-you-by-the-hand-and-pull-you-forcibly-to-the-target.

    There were a lot of awesome things at this event too:

    -Loved all the one on one RP I got to do this event!

    -Scaring Cressida half to death with a mod, but even scared half to death, her fighting like a badger.

    -Aram is a machine.

    -All the great not plot related RP going on (pine cone circles, PCs meditating on their world view.. ect)

    -The healers guild is bonkers!

    -Tales of Robert Blowing himself up.

    -The patience of the PCs with our madness and change of style. Changes like this causes missteps, and generally our player base is very understanding about such things, thank you.

    -PCs were great about travel times! Thank you for that as well, it allows us to give every encounter it’s proper due. We hope it’s paying off for you as well.
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  3. Aldrich/Brand

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    This was my first SoMi event in quite a while, so it was a bit of a culture shock in my ways. I had a great time, so I'll go through my praise and critiques (in no particular order):

    - PC Interaction: I'm putting this first, because it's something I can't stress enough. I LOVE how much meaningful PC interaction I saw and had this event. It's something I feel is easy to take for granted, but coming from Traverse, where many PCs will straight up ignore other PCs and only attempt to interact with NPCs, it blew me away how easy it was to sit down and have an interesting conversation with nearly anyone. PCs are just as much the entertainment as the NPCs, and SoMi has this in spades!

    - Activity: I'll admit, I went to bed pretty early both nights. I don't know why, either, because the second night, I was almost full in spells and Burst Pool. If I had to guess, though, it was that there was a feeling in the air that plot was over. Crunches were out, yes, but looking back, it didn't feel like I could accomplish anything meaningful had I stayed up. I'd attribute this partly to how si play Velnaeus, of course, since he's not a terribly likable character, so trying to gather anyone to go on a Contract mod, let's say, is nearly an impossible task for him.

    - Lack of NPCs: I don't know how you guys pulled it off, but personally, it felt as though there was always danger in the woods, and going anywhere alone was a major gamble. Immersion was incredibly easy through this event, and I hope you see that as the incredible height of praise it's intended to be.

    As an off topic, I've read most of the previous comments on the issue of double hooking and hopping the fence, so I'll try to avoid parroting the same things over. I had an idea while reading them, however, and I apologize if this is something that's already been tried/discussed: What if you allowed PCs to actively research/gather information during an event by taking, say, a 4 hour NPC shift? Personally, my biggest problem with just walking to Monster Camp and yelling, "Put me in, Coach!", is that when I'm playing my character, it's hard to find a reason for Velnaeus to just disappear for any amount of time. If I could say, "Hey, I'm going to go to the Library to research the history of the planes", or something along those lines, not only would as feel that my character hasn't LOST any time playing by my going to NPC, but I will have GAINED the experience of NPCing in addition to it.

    - Celestial Guild: I don't know how this one's gonna work. Personally, I'd love to be a part of it, or even help run it if need be, but the way I see it, Celestial Casters tend to be more independent than Healers. I don't know what it is, but a Healer's Guild seems so natural, while a Celestial guild feels foreign and kinda janky. A Celestial College, I could see, an institution dedicated to upholding the pursuit of magical arts. I think the real issue is that a place you go to be Healed of cured makes total sense, and is functional as a single small building: a place you go to learn is a College, not a small hut in the woods. Maybe the "Celestial Guild" could be revamped to be a branch of a larger organization, because I really liked keeping magic item tags in the Celestial Circle, it made identifying a much more immersive process, less OOG nonsense involved: "Yeah, I identified the necklace, just waiting to know what I know."

    --- Now, without further ado, my favorites!

    - Getting jumped by orcs on the way to the cabin Saturday night, running for my life while clutching a pillow, having to talk my way out of not getting murdered, and afterward, hearing the question: "Did we almost just die for a pillow?" Yes. Yes we did.

    - Greed: Auto-rifting people mid fight is scary enough, but man, when so heard what you did to Avacyn!?! The only thing Velnaeus could say is, "THANK GOD I'm not casting that ritual." That's a whole new world of psychological torture right there, and I hope one day Plot sees me as a good enough RPer to challenge me with those kind of quandaries.

    - Practicing a duet with my fellow musician! You and me (but mostly me ) have to talk and plan something out for next time!

    I look forward to seeing you all next event!

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  4. Joseph Smith

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    Hello all!

    I had such a good time this event. Specifically, I went from swinging 2s to swinging 8s, and that was a big adjustment for me. My joke is always that no matter who you are, you can kill me if you try, and that simply isn't true anymore. I REALLY liked being a threat. I engaged with the game far more, and pushed myself much further than usual.

    I LOVED that there were items scattered about camp. Please do more of this with components and plot stuff. Also, having times that you go seed more things would be great instead of having them all there all at once. It would give more things to routinely do, like check the trails for items and downed PCs. I understand NPCs are hard to come by, but having non-combat encounters on the trails would be fun, too. Like a merchant with a broken wagon, a shy ghost that wants you to avenge their death...dunno. Just spitballing. More people might NPC for non-combat stuff, and that can make the game more interactive too. I'll message Plot about some ideas for Non-combat interactions that people could do for a break from the action rather than ramping it up and worrying about tiring themselves out (which would be my concern.)

    I LIKED the roleplay generated by the Laws. In a world where there are vastly different cultures clashing violently about a war-torn land and superheroes exist alongside peasants and monsters roam the land...there is bound to be conflict. And that is not necessarily bad. It's immersive, realistic and builds relationships as people discover aspects about their or others' character(s). Without that conflict, we couldn't have that "coming together" moment at the Earth Guild where we decided to put our differences aside and stand for one purpose. Without our defeat at the Celestial Guild, we wouldn't have enjoyed our success at the Earth Guild as much. Gamers tend to be conflict-averse, and that can translate as growth-averse. Sure, feelings were hurt, and people got upset. That isn't because of the conflict, though. That's a failing to let things happen to your character and not you, the player. I've done it before. Especially with parlor or Vampire games.

    Roaming monsters. In my last troupe we called them "nuisances" or going to "harass the town" which from context I'm getting they are called "crunchies" here, but I really like those. They tend to be low-damage, low-resistances, low-body problems that drop loot, and that is where new players get to shine. And generally speaking, the banter is fantastic. Props for the interaction with Cyn saying she needed to pee and the Orcs saying "UH Ooooh!" and making waterfall sounds.

    I DID NOT LIKE going out of character so much. You can discuss in-game politics and situations in game for the most part. There were a few times I was guilty of talking to plot out of character in an in-character area, and I kicked myself for that.
    Talking to other PCs out of character in an in-character area about current in-character events kinda defeats the purpose of larping to me. That being said, I don't crack the whip on that and don't plan to start. You do you, but you asked.

    Also, without Logistics periods on separate days, crafters can't respond to needs as they arise. I get that sucking for the logistics crew, but it may be adding to your PC crafter problem. Having an additional Logistics period at a mealtime on Saturday would be wonderful. Also that meal being lunch would be great.

    I HATED nothing. Keep doing your thing, SoMi. I freaking love your game.

    -JT Engstrom
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  5. Seabass

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    This is actually a thing already that you can totally do. Your NPC time can account for long travel times, research, or even just facilitating setting up some mod/challenge. We are open to any ideas on this.

    It is certainly a work in progress. So far with any major celestial institutions they are just a grab bag of magical stuff people need and not much else. Instead of it being some unseen place and a conversation in front of Monster Camp we want the liaison to be a guild and a functional member of town. When possible please explore it as you might not know everything it has available to it, or that it can aquire. If you have suggestions we always want to hear how we can improve this very in-game and in-town institutions for our celestial casters.

    Like a time never before Celestial is getting its due attention with our repeat characters. We want this to be a place they want to have in town.

    I'm sorry to hear this. I can assure you that even when we are in bed we aren't ever really in bed. If you couldn't find anyone this would have been a perfect time for that research run/NPCing you mentioned. Even if you didn't know it was a thing whenever that becomes a factor please come ask us. We will attempt to work with you. I can assure you that while I just know it was late on Friday plot wasn't down until 4am on Saturday.
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  6. Joseph Smith

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    I'm usually the one running games, rather than playing, so I tend to think from a plot point of view. My first thought (and this may already be the case, this is literally the first conversation on the topic I'm part of) is to make the Guilds responsible for an ongoing resource that PCs desire but cannot own, or responsible to mitigate a Big Bad Situation that requires ongoing maintenance. The Earth Guild is responsible for resurrections, sure, but there should be something else. Celestial Guilds could have a device that can dissuade elementals from coming to the Prime Plane or weaken elementals that manage to come through. Either the device is a prototype and given to malfunction or requires plot elemental dust to attune its focus. This device would be vulnerable to harm which instills a sense of protectiveness from PCs. Protective PCs tend to visit places they value.

    My two coppers. I'm hoping this came off as constructive and not lecturing. If you get that sense from my messages, please know it isn't intended.

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  7. Aldrich/Brand

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    This. THIS! I would absolutely love to work with other Celestialists and formal magic users to build an Elemental Inhibitor of some sort, that needs to be maintained and such. So many cool things could be done with this, I'm a huge fan.

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  8. Banradi

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    Hey JT,

    That's totally on me, and I'm not going to lie. I hate production. Sometimes it's hard to find tags, or we have to print more, there's stress from the other people waiting to check in, ensuring the math is done correctly, and so on. I'm working on understanding it more however, as more people are starting to buy or utilize their production. It's part of the reason why I ask people to provide me what they're making and the total cost of it in their pre-reg, since everyone is different. Even still, people have historically ended up making the same stuff both days and don't adjust on the fly, which is why we've typically handled it all on the same day (just like with CO coin).

    That being said however, you're still more than welcome to hold off on the second day of production until the actual second day to respond to any requests you receive earlier on. I apologize if I haven't made that clear previously. I think if we were to work together on finding an appropriate time that pulls us out of game for a minimal amount of time (maybe making sure to have enough tags stocked of what you frequently purchase, knowing how much your stuff costs, etc), then that makes things a lot less painful. :)
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  9. Arkade

    Arkade Scholar Charlottesville Staff

    Absolutely LOVED playing my character for the first time in 9years!

    I'll give my highs and lows.

    Lows to start

    -If I was a low-level player or newb the 6person restriction would probably cause me to be the odd man out by elimination. I know this was already talked about a bit after, BUT, I do like the 6 player restriction. Maybe have these restrictions include limits like 6 players and up, plus three newbs (as defined by some scale). May even encourage groups to actively snag new players, not a perfect thought, but maybe there's something there to spark a better idea.

    -There was a time that I did not know who was in town if I was in town if the flow of time was affecting everyone differently. This was during the three elemental mods time frame, extremely confusing. I know this was also addressed, but even so. I was in group one (ice elementals) and that mod was awesome, loved it! Water into ice! after, I volunteer NPCed for the portal. I sat confused for the bigger fight. Despite having participated in the two of the three mods and walking around having conversations with the other PCs, by this time I had nothing else to talk about. The downtime was abysmal and I didn't want to "go looking for trouble" knowing that the big stuff was going on.

    -I've never in twelve years of LARPing went to bed so early two nights in a row (normally I'm NPCing until 8am) this probably has more to do with me not feeling comfortable walking up to NPC camp and saying, "stop what your doing, I wanna go do this thing." Mostly because I'm new here and wouldn't even know what to do. I'll try to be better at this and figure out the chapter's flow better. Mostly a get over myself situation, though a self-inflicted wound, maybe something to address with new/returning/visiting players.

    Favorites (SO MANY)

    - Taking a walk on the other side. Some of the best immersion I've ever had LARPing and the OOC talk was very minimal. A few times I respectfully requested that the person I'm talking to help keep me in character and it was received much better than I would have anticipated. Getting into my characters headspace is hard for me, so it was heavily appreciated when other PCs respected my request. The RP overall really did it for me, honestly the best immersion to date across any medium for me.

    - Performing my first ritual! Though very hedge, improvised, and quick, I can see now why you ritualists enjoy RPing a formal caster, very cool.

    - I have lots and lots more, but, I really want to hit on this last one hard. This group of runners, owners, NPCs, this team is amazingly in love with this game. Every small conversation about anything remotely pertaining to this chapter and Alliance and its players was taken completely to heart and with great attitudes. It takes a special kind of team to run a game, screw a few things up, make mistakes and bounce back asking for suggestions that by the tone of their eyes you can tell they take very seriously. Tenacity, perseverance, conviction, and love, we couldnt ask for more, thank you.
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  10. Seabass

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    Yeah please don't ever hesitate to approach us at Monster Camp. We don't really do any custom NPCs since we have an absurd amount of world content. That said if you have something you would like to play we will do what we can to accommodate it if it can be fit into our world and event theme, or some variation on what you propose. This isn't some form of ego but rather custodial work that everything that exists in the game world has it's place in said world. Most of the time we have a nearly limitless need for roles to be played. Everything from pure roleplay characters to non-speaking combat monsters and so on...

    I think there might be something to this. We are opposed to chaperone style mods but this might be the semi-reverse of that. We would prefer a bunch of lower level adventurers go on a mod together to make it a full experience... but MOST of all we don't want people getting bored. There can always be the addition of mods that have population caps as well as level caps to make certain that everyone under a certain level in town is added to the roster. This is good food for thought.

    This was on me. I mentioned it earlier. The implementation and of all three elemental mods was my responsibility and it didn't go as expected. The drag wasn't intentional of course. This was a mistake I will know to see coming a lot further off next time.

    I like this idea but it can complicate a few things. I would like to expand on this as a general idea. One issue I can see is that implementing some all-town effect means that people don't need to spend time in the guild and make it a place to hang out, just one custodian needs to maintain it once it is set up. Now if it took a group of people that would help but it might be seen as a chore by others, though that could also be a good thing.

    The Arcanum was a version of a very similar idea. A mod to set up a powerful field inside the guild that would allow a single casting of a celestial protective to affect everyone within the walls of the guild. This would generate traffic to the guild for a very powerful function at the will of the players. So we are on a similar page but we have been trying to focus on the guild building itself to drive more reasons to spread out to the whole of the camp, rather than just the tavern. Even just a taste of it this weekend had a much more full and rich feel to the game for me. I hope others felt the same.

    I agree that the celestial guild is a generally ill defined thing in Alliance and that's why we want to have more conversations like this.

    There are also presently other very special effects in the guild since the last event. If you are unware of them I highly suggest you ask our players InGame. I think you might be pleasantly surprised. :D
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  11. Saro

    Saro Newbie

    I'm late to this party, but its whatever.

    I have tried to write this post like three other times and then stopped like half way through deciding I wasn't really saying what I wanted to say. So now what you're getting is basically word vomit because if I have to re-write this again then I might die

    Friday Night
    Friday night was really hard on me. We did a pop can mod and it did have high reward but I am not rouge. I really just sat in the woods and then when I decided to walk out of the woods, beat myself down to one so if anyone tried to attack me I would just say I was just a sad homeless person. But in the end I liked it. I would probably do this again having already mentally scarred myself. I think it would have been better knowing if there was a clear time limit and if we had gone out earlier, partially my bad for internally dying inside and picturing Saros funeral and how I never got around to writing a Will so no one will know what to do with my body and all these other loose ends which would come with an unplanned permanent death. This was also the only thing we did Friday night so that was rough. Not really anyone elses concern, but I was upset but not getting a cool gang cabin. If I come in in the middle of the night breathing heavy and talking loud, I'm sorry I guess. I don't plan on sleeping when I am lapping, but I guess other people do. My bad. But also IG I'm a gang leader so if things go down, we just gotta bare

    Saturday Morning/Day?
    I got woken up way too early. NBD. I liked PC interactions in the morning. It was a late start. Info from Something Tree was worth it. Other than that it was a slow start. Maybe I just get antsy. This is the part thats hard for me to say and I had a hard time distinguishing between Saro being stressed out and Kierra being stressed out. I guess I expect something big for an opener. Like I wanna kick in a door and take down an entire ogre encampment. I don't wanna be able to walk the next day. I want to be covered in dirt and sweat and anguish and victory. Which is a bit of an overstatement. And mostly the stress came from PC interactions. But I guess it didn't feel like an opener to me. I really liked the bandit mods, of course. Louis does a great job. 10/10. Again, most of these issues are my issues, but its hard to find a balance between being a part of town and just going off and doing whatever. I don't wanna wait three hours to go fight stone elementals when I was told they'd be lightening and then not reap any reward from it. Again this is a PC-PC thing, but not everything is a world ending issue. Not being able to address the Moonless Night to do list until like Saturday night almost gave Saro a brain aneurysm. Again none of the is important or matters but I am no rewriting this again so just live with it.

    On a more positive note, I really liked walking into the healers guild fight. It was nice to see the 1v1 stuff. I am really excited to see whats gonna happen with the two guilds. I also like where treasure is shifting even though its not there yet. Makes more sense, seems more realistic.

    Saturday Night
    Saturday night saved this event for me. Secret gang stuff 10/10. New chapter. Stressful chapter for Saro. Good chapter for the Moonless Nights or maybe visa versa.

    Thats about it. Thanks everyone. Sorry this was ranty and like really not productive but I tried and that should count for something.

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  12. cerria

    cerria Artisan

    OK I'm even later to this party lol. But after reading more and more feedback I thought I would offer mine.


    Lunch food(hamburgers and hot dogs) was amazing! filled me up right when I needed it the most.
    The ritual at the Earth guild was great, granted I had no IG or OOG knowledge of why we were doing any of it or what became of it, but that's about normal lol.
    Speaking to the Oni was great, although the timing thing was weird since we found out we weren't really there.
    Having a talk with Sin, only to have her speak of the disagreement that followed. and she said something like " you weren't mad at me that's just Pebbles" and I was like, FINALLY, someone gets me. :)
    Doing the blood ritual and seeing Gen wig out later, it was like the Pebbles blood pumped her up haha
    Lots of time for RP, which can be good and a bad thing, I'm personally a total stick jocky so I can only take so much talking before I start napping, but I enjoyed the RP time for the most part this event.
    I LOVED the crunchies rifting into our cabin and the ones in the woods jumping people , adds tons to the atmosphere.
    The chips and salsa was amazing!!


    Breakfast wasn't to filling at all.
    We knew coming in Friday night that there wasn't going to be much for us to do since it was all guild related. So we headed to sleep right away. Not a good sign from people who normally stay up super late. But I got more sleep then I get at home with the baby. lol
    Saturday was pretty slow in general. Although, it's was the first event, so information mods were helpful. It was great after 9 years of playing Pebbles finally seeing someone take an interest in her personal plot lines. Thanks guys!
    Saturday after lunch was horribly slow. We sat around from lunch until dinner. Waiting to go on this mod which was happening all at the same time, so we were locked into rping among ourselves. Really bad!
    I looked throughout the woods for props, tags, mod cards, CO plates and never saw any. Either they were picked up super early by other players or not that many went out. But seemed like a waste of my time to look for any.
    Saturday night seemed like a push to hurry up and get things done as always.
    There was no food menu posted before hand.


    I personally feel like ALOT is being put into this NPC thing. I get we all want more NPC's to make the game better as it always does. However, you guys have done a great game in the best with just you guys, don't forget that!!!! If no one comes to help you, you still got this because you guys are awesome!!! Saying this hoping that more will NPC as well.
    Random encounters would be great especially for the first few events of the season when PC's don't know what is happening in the world at large.
    ***** I HATE that you guys didn't announce that you were doing item checks at logistics. We pack the car super tight to fit all the gear we need, So it was super annoying to drive four hours only to finally get there, wait in line, only to be told we needed to unpack our car to get our reps, and then wait in line again.....not cool guys. not cool. It only takes a few minutes to post that under logistics' post.

    Sorry if any of this comes across as harsh, not trying to be. just trying to be honest. Love you guys! I like what you are trying to do with the immersion of the game. I like the changes for the most part. keep up the good work! A big Thankyou to all of the plot guys and NPC's!!!!!!
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  13. SassyLu7

    SassyLu7 Newbie

    This was my first event, after years and years of hearing about LARP. I was not disappointed and I had a lot of fun! I really enjoyed my interactions with the NPCs and see the value that having more NPCs would add to the experience. For the next weekend game, I am interested in NPC'ing for the whole event to learn more about the game mechanics and contribute. And I would be happy to commit to at least one four hour NPC shift per game moving forward. I am planning to come to the rest of this year's events, except for the last one in October, because I have a wedding.

    For NPC'ing - should I bring anything special? For combat: Black yoga leggings and tops? I have some really fun wigs I'd be happy to break out for non-combat roles. Jewelry, scarves, etc?
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