May 6-7 Work Day at Camp Reynoldswood


Chicago Staff
Good afternoon everyone!
I am happy to get the logistics for this weekend posted for everyone that is coming out!

1) We will be arriving on site between 11 am - 12 pm. Come find me, you will get your room and your assignments.
2) Please make sure you eat lunch before you get here. Chicago will be providing pizza and drinks for dinner as well as some cereal in the morning for breakfast.
3) Pack what you need to stay overnight! We get to relax at the site once we are done. I am looking to call all work complete between 6-7 pm depending the weather and how much we have gotten done.
4) Pack those snacks, drinks, games, magic cards and more. We will be gaming the night away on site once we are done with the clean up on Saturday. We will pull out the tables to help make sure everyone has a seat/place to play.
5) Chicago will be calling the workday complete sometime between noon and 2 pm on Sunday. You will be getting your wake up call to get started again between 7:30 - 8 am from me :)
6) Bring a drink cup or something to hold water. Everyone better be drinking. The weather is looking to be 60s to 70s. Plan clothing appropriately.
If you are going to be a last minute addition to the group, please message me ASAP. Head count is important to the site.
Thanks everyone and see you all tomorrow!

Site Manager