May Event Archery

Khorwyn Brey

I hope it's safe to talk about the archery competiton at our next event, because I know I'm not the only person training for it. With that in mind, I'd like to ask a few questions.

#1. What will be the distance of the targets, and will this change depending on whether or not the competitor has the archery skill? I've never been in favor of people without the in-game skill competing, but that usually gets overruled.
#2. What size target faces will be used, and do we currently have any? If not, I would be willing to purchase some.
#3. Will we be able to use our own bows and arrows? Many of us have them, and to be honest, HQ has not had good equipment in several years.

Thanks, and I'm looking forward to competing! :thumbsup:
1. I haven't decided on distances yet, but I am also in favor of restricting participation to those with the skill.

2. I do not believe we have any targets yet. If you picked some up that would be fantastic, Dave.

3. I'll be sure to have the usual equipment available, but I don't have any problem with people bringing their own equipment. Keep anachronism in mind, however.


HQ Staff
To keep things fair maybe allow all members participating to use any equipment brought in


Alliance Owner
Is the may event a tournament event? If so is this the team or individual one?

Khorwyn Brey


There is no official tournament "event" this year, but there will be tourney-style competitions held individually at different events. The archery competition will be held in May, as the event will be held in Ash Forest.


I will totally pick up targets. How many would you like, and how large? The paper kind are very inexpensive, and we can just tack them onto the hay bales. Also, the only non-anachronistic element to my bow is that the limbs are removable, but otherwise it is a standard recurve longbow.


I am fine if others want to use my bow, as long as they handle it appropriately. I think if as many competitors who have bows and arrows would bring them and are willing to share, we could offer a variety of draw weights. Mine is 30 lbs. I think Scott's is 150 lbs. :zonks:
I have a round target and tripod in my cabin. It does NOT have the rings though, it's just plain burlap. It can certainly be used.

I like being able to use our own equipment. Make it known in advance and have some lender stuff.

That being said, I have a couple 25-30 pound bows in my cabin and a 55# longbow, which ends up being more with my pull length. But that's neither here nor there. I don't think I could pull back a 150 pound bow without seriously injuryin myself.
Khorwyn Brey said:

There is no official tournament "event" this year, but there will be tourney-style competitions held individually at different events. The archery competition will be held in May, as the event will be held in Ash Forest.

This is the first time this has ever been publicly revealed. Don't you think it would be a good idea to advertise this fact a little more publicly and to put up a schedule for each of the events. People like to prepare for these things and some people specifically go to events because of these competitions.

As a heads-up, since we are still working on the details for the specific events.

May has an archery contest.

June will have some variety of race.

August will have melee dueling and grand melee battles.

These are not true "Tournament" events, but smaller parts of larger events. Their relevance to the plot of the weekend depends entirely on the writer and director of that event.
I've said this to some people but I figured I'd post it online.

I'm happy to use a real bow and arrow for target practice with friends, I own my own and they are fun to shoot. But personally I find it very disappointing to use a 'real' bow and arrow for archery 'contests' at game. If you are an archer IG at our events the thing you get good at is throwing packets, not shooting a real bow and arrow. We live and play in the IG world, and I find it to be a big break of context to suddenly use a real bow and arrow for this sort of thing. Not to mention it sort of 'pauses' the regular game because you can't have people running around with the chance of actually getting shot by 'real' arrows.

And I want to go on record you can make an IG archery 'packet' competition completely about target practice and have nothing to do with character level whatsoever. In fact that is usually more fun and includes more people. If you want to look for inspiration the past few CT tournaments have had some VERY fun IG packet archery contests including a 'blind archery' competition (separate from the target practice event) which has been hilariously fun! :)

If we do want to do something like this I'm personally more than willing to work with whatever plot staff member is organizing it to create an event that would be fun for all and keep it using the IG weapons we 'play' with. :)
Hey guys,

First of all, apologies for not getting the archery up and running this last event. I attribute this to the shuffling of schedule due to sweet pc proactivity. I'll be working it into a later event this year.

Thanks for understanding,