May event teaser


Seattle Staff
The Kingdom of Stradyn is under pressure. Still recovering from Teskarius' attack upon the minds of her defenders, the populace is vulnerable. The Ordo Hydra ships maneuver as effectively as they can, but many of their sailors and captains are still under the influence of Teskarius' mental trap, allowing many Hargrothan ships through unscathed. The Stradysh Navy, crippled by the Dread Wyrm, is unable to effectively blockade the shoreline, and Hargrothan forces make landfall on Stradysh soil.

While his troops move on their targets, Teskarius himself is silent. Subdued after the exhaustion of the mental confinement of his Stradysh prisoners, or perhaps merely introspective over the memories stirred by his captives, Teskarius declines to press the advantage. His eye remains closed, or at least...focused elsewhere.

Regardless of the state of their liege, the wolves and the dead march on. Against these forces the heroes of Stradyn continue to struggle. The lycanthropic plague comes to the fore once again, as old acquaintances resurface. A chance to make strides against this infection will be balanced against hard choices for those in the vanguard.

Meanwhile, an opportunity presents itself to weaken a powerful foe. For those willing to venture, something can be gained, but victories do not go unnoticed. Success draws the focus of another, and it does not bear the burden of mercy.​