May Favorites


Besides getting a Horse and cart, my new Arcane armor, my awesome new sword, becoming the Alpha of the weres and getting control of an army.
My favorite part was on the trip to spider island and they were counting up healers and taking a count of life spells.
I casually asked so how many do we have? The response was something like "28 about enough for 1 per person."
My response "Go ahead and double that number."
The whole party looked at me in astonishment and disbelief. As the collective response to this was "You have more than 20 life spells on you?"
I smile (smugly) and respond "Yes" (because I do. Thank you MI conversion)


What an awesome event. The hardest part of work on Tuesday was not being able to take a break to go fight monsters outside. Between the mods, the plot, and the fantastic PC interactions this may have been my favorite event in quite sometime. 2.0 and the Chicago team continues to make me love this game even more. So a huge thank you to everyone who made these things happen, including the many PCs! Without further ado:

*The Mazu Mawl fight was amazing: cool mechanics, great coordination, and a feeling of dread that is hard to capture. Shout out that Iggy got singled out by having a lot more massive stuff thrown at him and not just chasing me around for 2 hours.
*The craziness of the attack on the tavern. A great use of all the effects that have us fight our friends. There was a point in time that when like this:
-Corrupt, got it
-Life, got it
-Charm: attack them, got it
-Charm (from J'Rajj): return to normal, got it
-Break command, got it
-Peter, drops me: "Wait he was fine... I owe you an ale".
-less than a minute later, Berserk, got it....

*Getting the order to kill Corbell while corrupted.
*Brokering getting more magic meat with the Taxidermist
*Intimidate time with Leo, hope he brings a change in pants to the tunnels between markets
*Trying to figure out when I actually had time to change into a dress, Ashe I promise this will happen
*First meeting of the Smoke Ring
*Blood golem attack during the meeting of the Smoke Ring, Iggy yelling helpful hints while not moving
*Watching Sam dance his way into a sale
*Auryn learning about the old basement of the Crystal Dragon
*Getting Auryn to tell us what rumors she heard about the company.
*Bat shaman... "Wait we have a man with the mentality of a 5 year old who loves necromancy, this can't be a bad idea."

Bad things:
*Learning yesterday that I missed a Peach Rock mod...
*Clutter: seriously people pick up after yourselves. It takes a few extra seconds to bring your used dishes to the window, we will clean them for you!


-Frist mod and I felt like I got half a dozen declarations of love two join our guild or army requests and one I think was possibly a marriage proposal all due to refitting armor.

- using my little hammer multi tool for so much, mining, glove modifications, and wistle repair. I especially liked the added sounds to the mining count.

- writing a song on the way to the bathroom and back and getting to perform it twice once with Ragnarok accompaniment. And fun Ukeing with Prowler.

- Tidy table, getting to teach the Royal and most pleasant game of Y goose to people. Playing Cribbage with Ragnarok and everyone around us being thoroughly confused about how it works.

- Mutt cleaning the dirty aura off the table.

- Mutt in general her positive attitude and great wilderkin roleplay is the best I have seen in a long time. I felt so lucky to have your appreciation of my props and preparedness.

- some people thinking I was such a great blacksmith I could make their weapons hit better, nothing wrong with the weapons you need to improve yourself.

- hammock nap and surprising people when I got out

- undead orbs and such collection mods were so fun

- dang bridges puzzle I was glad to not have to do it alone this time.

- dibs means dibs

- Jamina getting really excited about undead killing.

- explaining prisons and death and bleeding out and timing multiple times in front of a prisoned Ragnarok as a visual aid.

- crafting on the fly.

- entering someone by bringing them to my work shop and having them help me craft 400 arrows.

- I enjoy long weekends so much it's great to have less rush and relaxing time.

Emma B

I remembered to write down my favorites during the car ride this time!! In the order I recorded them:

  • Luke's Sunday night NPC with the purple shirt getting intimidated by Garwon and Agate after getting caught (unsuccessfully) hitting on Vanya
  • Everything about the Anret shamans during Sunday dinner
  • Iggy sprinting down the road to participate in the pathergaunt fight and arriving just a little too late
  • During the Mazu Mawl fight getting hit with berserk 3 different times then getting beat down while berserked 4 times. Jamina just wants to help people
  • Emma A's gold elf. She did a fantasic job on the RP with that
  • Discussing the sensations of various mouthfeel with Mutt, the highlight being Mouth Terror
  • The town Litch Bit mod was hands down my favorite. Zero idea what was going on the entire time but it was still a good, fun fight
Thank you NPC's and staff for a great weekend, can't wait for the next one