IBGAs for the May Event are due by 11:59 P.M. May 13th. Please send all IBGAs to with “IBGA” as part of the Subject. See the following link for the IC teaser for the May Event. Every PC gets one action during this IBGA cycle. The following actions are available for this IBGA cycle.

  • Speak with the Arcanists: PCs may speak with and ask questions of one of Bastion’s Arcanists. Zedd Arcanist of Time, Brendon Arcanist of Creation, or Samson Arcanist of Destruction.
  • Train the Troops: PCs may assist Grand Marshal Xander Gloom with training the martial brand of the Bastion Expeditionary Force and get to know the recruits a bit better.
  • Scout the Wild Woods: PCs may assist Baron Heartwood’s Heart Guides in scouting the Wild Woods in preparation for the foray into them at the May event.
Are the listed actions the only available ones?
They are not, they are just actions that are available to anyone. People may still submit custom actions.