May Opener Favorites !!

First off I would like to congratulate the plot team and whole staff on a successful first event. Well done!

I personally had the most fun I have had in a long time playing Alliance .

In no particular order here's some favorite.

* Singing with Vessa (Susie) in the tavern and listening to her perform . Music adds another level of the game to me and it's great to have a new partner in crime. :)

* Ralph's Roadhouse

* Meeting so many new characters !

*Discovering my new PC and loving every moment as a front line fighter.

* The agility mod.... guys our age APL is 42 ...... we are going to all need ibuprofen after this .

* Ogre Team !!!!!!!

* All things Iliana (Meg) fighter bros 4 life. Excellent rolelplay of a half elf/org.

* Selunari dance party in the field with Rothsphere and Vessa.

* Oban that pesky Oathsworn ;)

* Healer Kay nice job Chris way to make Tova proud.

And many many more....
Can't wait to slay those misthounds in June .
This was an excellent opener, and I'd like to thank all the staff and NPCs on an amazing event!

Learning to be a scholar, and staying out of fights was a challenge, but I learned a great deal this event.

Chasing NPCs through the dark to retrieve a scroll was intense, and there were a ton of great moments there.

Listening to the High Scholars Arbor talk of magic and how the other made terrible life decisions was fantastic.

There was a HUGE amount of great RP across the board, both PCs and NPCs, and I feel everyone brought their A-game this event!
I really enjoyed the event, thanks NPCs and staff.
So many new characters and great costuming.
Tooooooo many ogres. Lol. Nahhh you all were great.
Trying not to be all smart when it came to celestial magic. I frequently said, "I'm guessing buuuuuttttt......"
Playing a straight earth caster was interesting in and of itself as she almost didnt have any offensive spells. Unless necromancy was is an option.
Loved the two scholar brothers each saying the others choice of study was just the worst.
Can't wait for the next event!!


Thank you thank you thank you to staff, NPCs, and fellow PCs who work so hard to make this awesome game what it is! I had a blast! We had to leave right away with the baby, so I didn't get a chance to meet new people or say thanks in person, but I'm hoping to see everyone again and play much more this season!

I loved seeing new PCs! Everything is so fresh and exciting and I love working to find Vesperia's voice among all these other new voices.

I loved the plot, specifically Free Claw Coalition drama. A well-established world with great conflict and interesting dynamics to explore, especially as a Chaosborn! I don't envy Sherrif Lott's position one little bit, lol. (Ren did a great job portraying her conflict!!) Side note, I'm happy to have a character who is both very invested and very flighty. Being unpredictable is fun and liberating. I feel like I have so many options to explore going forward!

I loved singing and dancing and am so thankful for the people who played along. Lorelei is a wonderful song buddy! Thanks Melissa, for encouraging and inspiring me! And Aeris (who I unfortunately didn't get to meet OOG yet) was really encouraging and fun to play with, too! :D

I have a long way to go, but I wanna mention how much I enjoyed beginning to explore staff fighting. It's quite a different beast and I'm thankful for the wide variety of combat opportunities.

Can't wait for more! I'm learning new songs already!! :D
All things Ralph
All the new characters (it's going to take me a while to remember an entirely new set of names)
Black Tusk team
Muppet Babies
The Chaos Born
Finding my first magic item by killing a monster!!! And then unknowingly giving that celestial magic item to a biata to use.
The personhood of goblins, gnolls, trolls, etc. That was some seriously intense role play
Can't wait for June.