[.11] Meditate-able signature spells


I would love to see more data on this, I know that there has been some fantastic new data collected as a side effect of the new preregistration systems, but as users the feedback I appear to hear that's negative about casters right now is a lack of reasons to memorize signature spells to throw offensively. For example your evocation bolts not landing above a certain damage, or not wanting to risk throwing healing at undead even though it is certainly the best way to kill them with all that armor. My proposition was that either a skill be added to the scholarly skills, or a caveat to the current signature spell rules to let "blocked" signature spells from memory be meditated in the same way missed ones are. I've seen most of the celestial damage dealers shift to united blow or combined strike and pick up a bow, and it doesn't seem to be intended to make adepts more effective at spell damage than the pure scholar counterparts. this change makes necromancy more tempting, makes true celestial casters feel like they made an impact, and makes earth scholars back into some of the best undead killers around.
the initial feedback I got while discussing it was "What if I flex cast my binding into a bolt and it gets blocked? Can I remem that?"
The simplest answer is that in function it works only on memorized spells, and as flex casting has the distinction of not being "in memory" at casting, it solves any issue with that.
I would really like some discussion on this as it seems from the playtesting that there isnt really a reason to be an evocation mage any more if you aren't going to invest in the amazing new united blow/combined strike.