Meeting of Minds


Alluvio and Bavaikas walk into the Tavern. They are silent, nodding to people as they walk in, but otherwise not talking much. Alluvio looks solemn and thoughtful. The dragons sit down at a table in the Tavern, and exchanged some hushed conversation, quiet enough that no one else can hear it. They seem to be waiting for something.
Amory enters the tavern from the kitchen with a mug of coffee. She bows on approaching the Dragons, says good morning to them both, and asks if she can bring them anything.
Shin made his way into the tavern, walking over to Bavaikas and Alluvio; he too wore a solemn mask of focus and contemplation. He nodded to both, coming to stand by Amory. "Looks like we've got an Apocalypse to Stop." His voice this time was all duty and seriousness.
Alluvio thanks Amory for her consideration, but needs nothing. As Shin enters and speaks, he nods. "Yes, I was thinking the same thing myself. We would like to see the tear for ourselves to see how it is degrading."
Plue enters the tavern, retrieving her own mug of coffee from the kitchen before joining the others. "Good morning. I hope I'm not intruding, but "tear" and "degrading" are not words I like to hear in the same sentence. Can I do anything to help?"
Luke enters the tavern from the kitchen eating a large cinnamon roll in one hand and a tankard of milk in the other. Strapped to his torso he’s wearing a harness with a large pouch in the front currently lightly covered with a thin mesh, and utility pockets built in the sides. He wanders over to the gathered party.
“Yo. Long time no see.”
Durnic enters the tavern, his posture more like what you are all used to seeing in gathers past; shoulders back, chin up. His eyes are tired as if he has not slept much recently. He walks in, takes up station right next to Shin, nods in way of greeting and listens.
Amory nods, and sits nearish the Dragons listening and sipping her coffee.
Alluvio nods at the assembled. "I know our fix was never designed to be permanent, but if you're seeing visions of an incoming apocalypse, that is quite worrisome. It suggests the failure may be more imminent than anticipated."
Shin nods, his focus determined as he turns to the side and smiles at Plue "Good morning. That is a good question..." He said with a bit of a sigh.

"I just came from the Tear, myself. I couldn't sleep last night. Our enemy is Taunting us, and They are brazen enough to be open with Their plans. Which means They either believe they cannot be stopped or They are too close to completion to be stopped."

"Your binding Wards are deteriorating faster than I would have imagined the last time I saw the tear. The fraying around it is... expansive. The Void itself is caustic in a way, I believe, to Our Magic and Reality. Just like the Chain Fire Plague, it burns away at the foundation of Us." He says, speculating grimly about the Accolytes moves and plans through the ages.

"You can see some smaller tendrils of Void beginning to leech into the Prime Material."

Shin sighs, shaking his head."Which means merely that time is against us. Do you think there is any way we might be able to reinforce the integrity of the Seals you two put into place?" he asks both Alluvio and Bavaikas.
Lael walks in from the front porch and walks over to the group leaning against the wall. Being ready to do anything for the dragons.
Alluvio frowns. "I was not aware it was so bad. I wish we had someone to examine it with us who had more experience with such things, but the only people I can think of are either too far away, or too...questionable."
Though they seem somewhat lost in thought, Bavaikas nods when their sibling broaches the subject of consulting additional persons on the tear.
Amory looks up from her coffee, "I do not know if they have more experience, but perhaps talking to Illahee? I believe she can feel the influence of the void on the Land it and may have a different perspective or ideas."
"Is Illahee nearby? She was on my list, but I thought she was in her Vale?"
Shin frowned, thinking on it as he considered "Who did you have in mind...?" He said, worried he already knew the answer.

Shin considered a moment "I suppose the other question is - how Close are we on our Plan for defeating our Enemy?" he said, biting his lip with a fang.

"If we can get there first. Get the Blood. Cast the Ritual. We might be able to beat It to the culmination of it's plan. Our plan is a good Plan. It can work."He said, then looked to Plue.

"Sorry, we have a Ritual that would allow us to divide our Enemy into... more deal-able fractions, that we can defeat piecemeal. Actually, in almost the inverse way we defeated Otto. Rather than draw all the elements of Their being together, we separate them, and eliminate them each at a time. But to do so is the tricky part. It is not an easy ritual and the required Catalytic reagents are complex."

"I can think of a few people who are Experts of the Void with the power to Aid us, but they are on other Shards or otherwise Bound to other Shards."

"There is... Silence. But They are also somewhat indisposed with their Vigil. A direct intervention would be... complex. But if you wish it, I will ask."
*Killian enters the tavern moving slowly and carefully. His hands tremble slightly as he pours his coffee and moves to the table. He sits down, far enough away to not be in pain from Bavaikas too much but close enough to hear the conversation*
"I am looking less for experts in the Void and more for experts in the nature of magic and its balances," Alluvio says to Shin. "I do not think there are experts in the Void I would like to speak to. I do not know how they gained their expertise."
"Illahee is staying nearby with the Dryad. If you would like, I could go ask if she would meet with you both?"
"If you would, Amory, that would be excellent. Thank you."

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