Meeting with the Fatespinner

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Entering the main lobby of the Earth Weaver Enclave in Calenhelm Tengu briefly glances around the room and, recognizing no one that he knows, approaches the woman behind the front desk.

"Greetings," says the Biata. "I was wondering if it may be possible to meet with the Fatespinner in order to discuss further training on the path of an Adept while coming to better understand my own duties and responsibilities within the guild. I know that she is very busy, might it be possible to set up an appointment at her convenience?"
The old woman looks over you, and asks your name, while flipping through an impossibly large book on the desk. After confirming your membership with the guild. She sends a messenger to inquire after the Fatespinner. The youth runs up the wide staircase at the back of the hall. After a few minutes, he returns.

"The Fatespinner is in." he tells the old woman breathlessly. She nods at him, and sends him back to his duties.

Turning to you, she says "take the stairs to the third floor, the attendant will show you to Lady Zanthia's study." as she gestures to the same staircase you saw the messenger run up moments ago. You head up the stairs and shortly reach the third floor, where the attendant sits behind a small, tidy table. Across the narrow hall, through the windows, you can see an excellent view of the central court-yard and the tress and permanent circle within.

"You must be the one to see the Fatespinner. Follow me." she says as she begins down the right side of the curved passageway. Some distance down, she stops and knocks on the frame of an open doorway.

"Enter." calls a familiar voice from within.
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