[.11] Mem down and flexible casting


Higher level Spell Slots may now be used to memorize lower level spells. You could now use a 4th level Spell Slot to memorize a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd level spell if you like. The spell always counts as its original level for all other purposes (Spell Store, Meditate, etc.).

Trying to confirm my understanding.

1. Meditate being listed here, is a holdover from other versions. I don't see Meditate being affected by spell level.

2.If I memorize a 2nd level spell in a 9th level slot, then flexible cast that spell for my signature spell, it would be considered a 1st level signature spell.



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Seattle Staff
Basically, what this means is that once you memorize a spell down, it's that lower level spell on your card and for all purposes. Let's say I use a 9th level spell to memorize a "Pin". It's now a "Pin" in all ways for the next Logistics period - if I throw it, I Meditate back a Pin, *not* a 9th level spell. If I flex cast from it, it's now a 1st level spell, *not* an 8th level one. If I put that Pin in a Spell Store, it takes 2 levels, not 9. It is a Pin in all ways and has no difference whether it was originally from a 9th level slot or a 2nd level slot; once it's memorized as a Pin it's a Pin.


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The wording is a bit poor. Saying "original level" implies that it is a 9th level pin because thats the original spell slot that the player used.
Perhaps something like “spells count as the level of the effect memorized, not the level of the slot they are memorized in, for purposes of...”