Member Introductions!


Gettysburg Staff
Hello all! If you are a member of the guild currently or recently added to our esteem ranks, please! Introduce yourself and let the community at large what your skills and interests are. The stronger the bond between each of us the stronger our guild will be!
My name is Chulainn Steelclaw, I am a member of the Brotherhood of the Anvil and Iron in good standing.
My name is Marcusagrim Anvilstrike. I would like to become a member
I am Kerak Badgergast I am also a member in good standing with the brotherhood. I will see you at the next gathering Grim to discuss entrance into the Brotherhood.
Hello my fellow guild members. I have just been accepted into this order and look forward to furthering my abilities.
Welcome aboard and I look forward to teaching you the many splendors of blacksmithing.