Member introductions!


Gettysburg Staff
Hello all! If you are a member of the guild currently or recently added to our esteem ranks, please! Introduce yourself and let the community at large what your skills and interests are. The stronger the bond between each of us the stronger our guild will be!
Greetings. I am Trel Jarina, new member of your guild. It is my first guild and while I am only familiar enough with alchemy to teach its use to others, I plan to be a constant presence for the guild. And though I may not be able to make huge batches of alchemy I shall use my skills to seek out and find new alchemical recipes for the Brotherhood and to benefit the people it serves.
My name is Vox.
I am the current ranking member of the Brotherhood and consider myself a master of the craft. My studies will continue on and I hope to bring more into the fold. To any who wish to learn or find themselves in need of alchemical concoctions, let me know.
I am Kaftar. I make alchemy and I hunt undead and necromancers. I am fairly decent at both. I just recently joined the Alchemical Brotherhood, and I look forward to working with the guild.
Oh My, I really must comb my dreams more carefully. Dreadfully sorry to not report in earlier. Charlais mac Donovan Quintella reporting in. My skills include but are not limited to; Master alchemist, proficient bartender, adequate lover. Hope to see you lovely people again soon. Ta ta.