Memorial Day Favorites

So now that everyone has hopefully recovered from the heat and lack of sleep, what were some of your favorite moments this weekend?
adventure kids- "check out this knife"
I see an extremely rusty knife
Migs- "That looks dangerous"
Migs takes knife
adventure kids-"but we need that"
Migs-"hey do you want to play with my helmet"
adventure kids- "Yay"

Migs- disaster averted
My character came with little in mind to accomplish and didn't feel pressed for time to do anything. There was always something I could do and go out on which led to me being entertained and welcomed.
First event in a while where I was not beaten down for crimes I supposedly did. Plus for me.
I can say I was happy with everything through out the weekend and tend to keep coming as much as I can

Jared s
Was a good weekend. my highlights in no particular order.

intending to pop the spell shield on a barbarian caster I inadvertently stuck a light to the Barbarians arm.
The kids from the orphanage.
Mocha the raccoonkin
RP mod with Bal
I'm sure there is more, but with the heat I was fairly brain fried and still compiling more. :)
Not sure why I didn't reply sooner:

- Enjoyed the "danger" of the Kraken mod. The aoes were a nice touch to it, especially if people were not paying attention.
- Greenwood's ghost mod Friday night was uniquely different and had a nice touch to it
- Finding out I had 2 weird items that were actually magical and in a not-so-good way. (Go to the C guild to get identified, Rob replies, "Oh, so you had those"). That's what I get for taking pretty things from blue skinned strangers.
- Hearing the conversation about Enslavement #9 and internally hoping PCs wrote down the antidote somewhere. Glad someone remembered from 3 years back.
- Foss' reaction to the Stahn note. First smiling, laughter, anger, then panic. That guy knows how to get under Foss' skin.
- Really liked the IG atmosphere from The Dragon Hoard. So much nicer when its all IG bowls, food, etc. Great setup.