Mental Skills for Roleplaying

Hello everyone!

I'm new to larping, and I've gone to two events so far a weekend and one day. I'm ridiculously hooked and this is now my life! I currently play biata and I'm very much enjoying it. However I'm getting more into roleplaying now and I'm really eager to learn about mental skills.

Are there any examples anywhere of people potraying to use their mental skills?

Since it's mostly being for roleplay what are some ways I can use these skills?

I've heard of an example of someone's mind being a labyrinth and I need to help them navigate out.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


San Francisco Staff
One of my favorite things to do when mentally linking with people is to have everyone describe how they appear in the mindscape — essentially, their chatacter’s mental image of themselves.

Physical metaphors, like your labyrinth situation, are lots of fun. My character disarms mental traps by walking straight into them to set them off, since that’s the only way she knows how to disarm actual traps. She’s also helped someone learn to navigate their own memories by bodily shoving them from memory to memory.

Playing with degrees of control over your mental abilities can also be fun. My character sometimes lets her guard down and mentally “blurts something out” by sharing a memory she didn’t mean to.
Thanks for the input!! I like the idea of not controlling it all the time and blurting that's smart. I think I'm just stuck in the idea of right and wrong and not just going with the flow. I feel like there's certain things I should say or not say and be objective and I think that's holding me back.


San Francisco Staff
It’s also always a good idea to check in with your plot team for stuff like this, if you haven’t already. Especially if you are concerned about the “right” way to do it, they can tell you if there’s anything that works or doesn’t in your local chapter setting, and hopefully make you feel more comfortable improvising in the places that aren’t defined.


I would also try to figure out which players are open to mental powers roleplay, and which are not. Ultimately, it should be a fun experience every time you use it, so it’ll be a bit of a letdown if you attempt it on a character who refuses to let you enter their mind.