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    In almost every land that I've traveled to there has been some sort of council that guides the adventuring community in that land. This council usually consists of a few nobles, a representative of the local Earth guild, a representative of the local Celestial guild, and maybe one or two members of the largest local adventuring groups.

    When I was in Wayside years ago, there was a guild called Hitch 42, a union of teamsters and traders, which wielded a certain amount of political power. This power stemmed partially from their numbers and partially from their skills, but mostly stemmed from the fact that they could expedite or shut down lines of supply. It was important to stay on their good side.

    I know among us we have many skilled craftspeople, masters of the forge, potion making, alchemy, and creators of scrolls. I've been thinking that in these new lands it is past time for you folks to come together as some sort of merchants, guild, makers' group, or other union. Perhaps it is time for the needs and thoughts of people who use hammers, quill and ink, flasks, and the mortar and pestle to be heard on an equal footing with those who use the sword and bow.

    I don't know if we have any sort of "town council" here in the Wildlands. If we did I'm not sure who sits on it. We've met many new nobles, and even raised a few of our own. It would be good for the creators among us to get off on the right foot and to be able to negotiate from a place of strength when it comes to setting fair prices for their good and services.

    I, myself, am a novice scroll maker, and an even worse blacksmith. Who else among us practices mercantile and trade skills? Would any of you be interested in forming some manner of collective? How could we structure such a guild?

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    I think its a wonderful idea. Im a Master Smith and I'm lucky enough to know how to write with just normal ink!

    It would greatly benefit us and the people if we formed together to create an organization of like minded folks.

    How many of us crafters are even out there?

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    I too am a master smith and can read and write normally and have skill as a merchant as well and some skill with weapons.

    Iganeous Ironforge
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    I would suggest that you use discretion while forming this group. I'd be evasive about who the real leaders are and who is involved. You are in Ravensong, my friends, and if you try to consolidate power, some may try to nip you in the bud. The general population of Ravensong already views you heroes of old as a unit. To expand your power you may want to consider involving craftsmen who are connected to the Fey of Sulinari power structures.
    Just, look at the barn before you strike the match, good luck.

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