[.11] Mettle and new fighters.

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    I'm a version ahead of you friend :p
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    I would like to point out that there is no reason to design a skill around the fact that people who are good at playing as a team (a primary design tenant of Alliance as a whole) are able to more effectively use it.

    Other examples off of the top of my head include:
    1. Three rogues in a "Triangle of Death" are using team work to make sure that one (or two!) of them are always able to use their full damage by being behind their target.
    2. A scholar using a spell to make a monster start ripping free, and then their fighter friend rockin' them with an Eviscerate when they cannot call defenses like Parry.
    We're not going to nerf any classes or abilities because some players fight well within the system and with their buddies. We want to encourage teamwork, not discourage it.
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    *nods* I strongly agree with this design principal. I also wanted to point out that if it was important that a skill not be usable to rapidly, that "requires healing to use again" restriction is not actually reliably effective.

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