Mist Touched Mental Health Policy


Alliance Raleigh recognizes that LARPing can be intense at times, physically and emotionally. It’s important to always ensure that our players can play safely and comfortably at all times. With this in mind we have implemented the below policy.

Mist Touched

Some people within Hearthglen have been touched by the mist, these people have the trait of occasionally ‘merging with the mist’ at which time their bodies turn misty, being unable to affect, or be affected by anything around them. While misty these forms will drift to the edges of any encounter and either reform or return to the circle of power they are most familiar with.

It should be noted that this is a natural phenomenon in the world that all characters are familiar with and accept. Going out of game via being mist touched is a Player decision not a character choice and should be treated as such.

Registering as a Mist Touched player

The only requirement to register as a Mist Touched player is to let logistics know if you feel you have any condition or concern that might require you to leave play. You do NOT need to reveal what these conditions or concerns are to logistics, only register and let us know of any specific concerns you might have.

How it works

Registered Mist Touched players will be provided with a neon aqua or light green colored headband. At any time a player feels the need, they can don this headband going out of game as their character ‘goes misty’ and becomes a wispy mist. During this time only Marshals and people specifically noted and informed ahead of time may approach the player who has gone into the mist. Any player who is interacting with a Mist Touched player is considered also in the mist during that time and cannot be talked to or respond to anyone outside the mist. These players will all be considered out of play by both PCs and NPCs.

Depending on the concern and the situation of the player, the player may leave the field (their mist form reforming near, but not in, a nearby friendly permanent circle of power. Alternatively the player may reform by removing their headband in a safe place at least 5 seconds away from any foe.

If a player chooses to return to town, they are not permitted to do any action that requires a rogue marshal until such a time that players on the module they left return to the area. Additionally should at least half the party left behind die, the mist touched character may suffer a death on their card. Drawing from the bag of chance to have an equal chance to perish, rounded down to the nearest 10%.

Our goal is to make our game at Alliance Raleigh as safe and accessible for as many people as possible. We are open to feedback and discussions regarding this, and all, of our policies. Please feel free to discuss the policy here on the forums or in our Discord server or Facebook group.