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Discussion in 'New Player Rules Questions' started by Ansarum, Jan 1, 2017.

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  1. Ansarum

    Ansarum Newbie

    Okay so is there a length for daggers? How long/short can they be?

    Also are walking sticks/staves able to be used as long as they aren't used during combat?

    Thanks guys!
  2. Alkalin3

    Alkalin3 Templar South Michigan Staff Marshal

    Page 82 of the Alliance Rule book has all the length requirement info in regards to weapons.
    Small Weapons can be a minimum of 20 inches and a maximum 28 inches.

    Combat safety is paramount. But, people hold all kinds of things that aren't weapons in their hands. Just make that you won't hit anyone with it or try to block with it. (It would be smart to double check with your local marshals though)
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  3. Ansarum

    Ansarum Newbie

    Oh so the small weapon counts as a the starting dagger?
  4. tieran

    tieran Duke

    You get starting weapons based on a combination of your skills and what reps you have.

    So if you have archery, you get either a crossbow or bow.

    If you have one handed edged you get one of: short or long axe, short or long sword, hatchet, dagger or spear.

    Shield gets you a shield.


    Personally, I would stay away from small weapon. Either go weaponless or get something with more reach.

    YMMV, though.
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