Mod Day July 30th!

I was sitting around and realized that South Michigan has no events until September! So, I decided why not run a mod day! The purpose of the mod day is two-fold:

1. I would really like to grow our player base and get some new faces around! If you have any friends that might be interested in trying the Alliance out, bring them along. I want the mod day to be very relaxed and welcoming for newcomers. Mod days are a great way to introduce the Alliance rules set while introducing potential players to our community! People are welcome to come role play, spar, join mods, or participate at whatever level they feel most comfortable at.
2. I also want to run mods for our current player base. If there is something you or your group would be interested in doing, let us know. The plot team is happy to take suggestions. No guarantees, but we will do our best! And if you have any ideas for mods YOU would like to run, please email

Either way, I will have some fun things put together to entertain everyone!

Any questions, feel free to email me at:!

Here is the info:

July 30th
Island Lake Recreation Area
12950 E. Grand River Ave. Recreation Passport Required: Yes
Brighton, MI 48116
MEADOW"S SHELTER This is a picnic area. You will turn right when you enter Island Lake Rec Area. It is about a mile down the street on the left.
$10 per person (New players will NOT recieve half off the cost of the mod day. However, they will get half off of their first full event cost.)
There is also an $8 fee to enter Island Lake Rec Area (unless you already have a state pass).

We will be providing hot dogs and a side dish of some sort. If you would like something else, please feel free to bring it! We will be grilling at the site!
There is an outhouse/pot-a-potty on the site.

I would love to get an idea of who will be there! Please email me an let me know if you plan on coming and who you will be bringing. It will help us thoughly prepare for the mod day.

Can't wait to see everyone! It should be a great time!

John Leino
Alliance South Michigan
General Manager


I'll be there. If you need my help, I'll NPC as much as you'd like, might even run something if it's kosher.



Brigit and I will be there.

I plan on NPC-ing/plotting. I have feelers out to 5 potential new players. If any of them come, I'll PC with them to help them along. They would be brand new to larping of any kind. Either way it's gonna be a fun time.

Besides Logistizing, Brigit will probably play her alt to keep the APL down unless her IBGA to Tank comes back early. Then Sloane might have a mod to be run.

Sounds like a great time. Looking forward to it.



OMG sounds awesome!!!

I have access to a place in Ann Arbor where we can do this FREE in the future. Let me is 80 acres and some good trails and open areas.

The SoMi mod day is right around the corner so if you plan on attending, let me know asap! Currently, these are the people I know will be attending either to PC or NPC or both:

Doug F.
Joe (with possible new players)

There are a few others trying to make it but that have not given a concrete yes/no.

It is important for us to know who will be showing up so we can have mods and food planned out. If you would like to have a mod run for you or your group, please let me or Tank know prior to the mod day what you would like to do by emailing me at

We still plan on providing hot dogs as well as a side (probably chips or something) and water or lemonade. Feel free to bring something to share if you would like

Can't wait!