Money for free


Hello fellow adventurers.

Many of you know me and my dedication to the people of the lands. To deal with certain threats, I am making sure all are aware that I am currently in the market to buy up to 50 expired components at a silver a piece. They will be used either in the destruction of necromantic rituals, or in dealing with an ongoing celestial guild problem.

Please speak with me two Fridays hence, and I'm happy to make the trade.

Kel - Celestial guild member in good standing of Strayden, Sedovia and the Ceriopolis.

The Earth Guild has a proprietary ritual for the neutralization of necromantic objects. I recommend the Celestial Guild's business.

I will check my stores for expired components.

Lady Vellis Valeriana Tsalarioth
Will you accept ones from other lands?
I know Lady Vellis, and my methods to do so are crude and dangerous. Sometimes time is however of the essence and I like having a backup plan.

As for components from other lands, they would work just fine for my main purpose.