Monster Squad (NPC Rewards 2024/2025 Season)

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Monster Squad: These dedicated players commit to being an NPC. If you have spent a day in our monster camp you know that working with us will likely include an increased working knowledge of behind the scenes plot information as well as ability to organize their own signature and/or reappearing "named" monsters. Monster Squad players will have diverse experience or willingness to learn about: variance with players comfort and ability with various roleplay roles. As well as have diverse experience or willingness to learn complicated or large NPC cards, stats, and learning about alliance stating (mechanics of monster building, not just story). All of which Leading to the possible portrayal of BBGs of various types. We place a lot of trust in our full time monsters and give you a lot of opportunity. From Combat to non-combat roles you become an integral part of the story as we entertain our players in the alliance network.

All NPC get the following benefits:
NPC attend for free.
NPC eat for free.
NPC get snacks for free
NPC blanket per LP
100 GS per LP
NPC are not just crunchies; you can bring life to the world. And if the players bite; your NPC may have a story line adopted.
Just like a player a NPC can spend 75 GS per LP for production. If you forget to do this, we can still do this for you!!! We will work with you to make sure you can spend your stamps as you see fit.

Every season we will have a dedicated Monster Rancher to help make sure the NPCs have their costumes, treasure, cards, and that they have tajen breaks, are drinking water and eating food. Monster rancher gets an additional GS bonus each event as a thank you! This is open to anyone who wants to do more at our events behind the scenes.

We will have four full time events and a possible one day event. Monster squad needs to attend 75% of our events as an NPC to unlock our special reward. In addition to all previous benefits, at the end of the season you will get 6 Dragon Stamps as my personal thank you.

Thank you again for all your hard work as volunteers, we appreciate it!

Note: We have an NPC exchange with several other LARPS in the georgia area. If you NPC at one of their events, have their staff send an email to so we can reward you!

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