Monthly Blankets - Excel Sheet For XP Gain


Hi All,

I'm making an excel sheet where someone can enter the number of build they want and the number of games that need to be played is then calculated and I'd like to include monthly blankets into the calculations.

I asked this question in the rules section, and it probably wasn't the right place, so I'll explain what I have and I'm hoping someone can fill in the one blank I have.

To calculate XP gain for a weekend, it's the number of build someone has x 2. So If I have 15 build, I will gain 30 xp for the weekend. If I have 75 build, I will gain 150 for the weekend. That xp is then changed into skill points based on the characters level and the conversion for this is in the rule book on page 50.

Long weekends (Friday, Sat, Sun, Mon) counts as x3 and short adventures count as half someone's skill point.

The problem I'm having is with monthly blankets. What I'm not certain of is where they into. Do they count as 1/2 someone skill points (short adventure or 1/2 xp per skill point) or do they count as a full game day (1 xp per skill point)?


I'll be the first to admit I have no idea how to actually level my character. If you're looking to make a cheat sheet for yourself however I usually use this online build calculator someone already made. I've found it to be quite accurate. Hope this helps!


Gettysburg Staff
Monthly blankets count as one day worth of experience.

As do Dragon blankets.