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  1. May literally means that there's the possibility that it does, not that it always does, and Focus itself, AS WRITTEN, says there are exceptions to the rule that losing Game Abilities interrupts your Focus. That means that losing access to Game Abilities only has the POSSIBILITY of interrupting your Focus, NOT a guarantee. Words mean things, so please don't pretend that they don't, it's incredibly aggravating.

    I'm not even sure why you're disagreeing with me on this, since I'm arguing for a word change to make Focus work exactly the way we both agree it should, no ifs ands or buts, and also to have the exceptions listed in the descriptions of abilities affected. Like, I've said several times already that I AGREE that you shouldn't be able to Refit Arcane Armor while you don't have access to Game Abilities, and only the WORDING OF FOCUS makes that not the case. I already suggested two different ways to make this not an issue.

    It's frustrating me that going through it point by point twice didn't make it clear to you that if the wording isn't changed in either Focus or Arcane Armor then this is how they interact, and I'm at a loss as to how much more clear I can make it, so until ARC rules one way or the other, I'm done with this conversation, sorry.
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    English is weird.

    “You may not” doesn’t inherently mean there’s a possibility you can.


    “May I come inside?”
    “You may not.”

    And there’s times it means exactly that:

    “Can I open the door?”
    “You may be able to.”

    I think the issue is that you’re reading it as the intent of possibility, and the rest of us are reading it with the intent of denying permission.
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    Its frustrating for me too.

    I don’t think the use of the word may implies what you think it implies. I do think there are better words that could have been used, but I also think that the actual intent is discernible.
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    You may be right
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