MWE horns

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As our chapter's race marshal person, I've been asked to field a lot of questions about a "rule" (quotes used because I cannot find documentation of it) regarding MWE horns.

My understanding:
- MWE horns must be small
- MWE horns must be on the forehead
- MWE horns have a specific size limit
- Longer horns have been disallowed due to a something mysterious coming in 2.0.

The first two points are in the rulebook. The last two appear to be either undocumented or rumor mill. I've yet to see those last two in writing or clarification of when/where/why. Given that the rulebook merely says, "small horns on their forehead", we're getting a lot of subjectivity in what that means, especially in light of the supposedly hard and fast rule about a length limit...which I can't find anywhere. "Small" is being interpreted as anything from 0.5" to 12".

Can I get a clarification of the official rule on these horn size limitations and verification of whether there is a heretofore undocumented rule about maximum length/size/shape? Or, if it's not actually a national rule, please let me know that, too. I hate to steer people wrong.



Good afternoon,

There are no official size limits (either minimum or maximum) in the ARB regarding MWE horns. The only reference to size is the statement of "small horns"; however, that has no specific size constraints and as with all racial physreps appropriateness of any specific physrep is up to Marshals in chapters in which a character plays. So long as physreps are safe and clearly demonstrate a character's race, Alliance chapters strive to provide options of individual expressiveness for their characters. For example, see the wide variety of pointed ear physreps (ranging from barely-there to giant 9-inch-long wavy eartips) for Elves.

ARC strongly encourages (for customer service reasons) that characters who have had racial physreps approved in another chapter have that chapter's ruling given some precedence, as it can be a very negative experience if a character's physreps (such as exceptionally large sideburns for a Hobling, or very large eartips for an Elf, or sizeable curling horns for a MWE) are approved in their home chapter but not another chapter.

2.0 rules are not yet in place and will be clearly announced when they are released. Unless something specific is released (such as the replacement of the Gypsy race with the Selunari race), players should continue playing 1.3 as-is.

Bryan Gregory
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