My BARN!!!


Wisconsin Staff
What in the world have been happening in my barn, my horses wont stop making a racket, and I go over there and inside I see these large shapes in there but they are just standing about until I came almost into the barn. Gosh, I never ran so fast before as they all started to move at me at once, thankfully I was much faster then them but I cant get into my barn to help my animals. Can some of yall adventures help me out with these things?

Farmer Bob Swin
Sure t'ing, and let me have a look at your horses after dhe fact. Dhese creatures could carry pestilence and dhey were messing wit' your livestock. A check up could nye hurt.

Fortune and Love,

~Doctor Marcena Cenkraea "The Dove" Idumea DagonGaddi
Tell Her BOB,

I dont want none of her kind looking at our livestock.. be like last summer then all the horse gonne. Mr Gordon says their dangerous ya hear?

Anna Swin


Goodman and Madam Swin,

I would like to offer my assistance in this matter, I will finally after a long journey be in Wayside once again. The last thing a man needs is fear of his own barn, and by what you have said that fear is well placed. I will arrive late this evening, and if you will permit me, I will travel to your Farm before the sun rises tomorrow. If this is not good for you, than simple await my arrival tomorrow. I understand that it is a great deal to ask you to stay awake so late into the night if you have no intentions of allowing me to go into the barn, so for your convenience inform Jara, or anyone working at his Tavern of your decision. I do not know if I will dream again before I arrive. If nothing else, I always know that a light porch lamp always means a welcoming home.

And as far as Romani are concerned, though I do not agree with shunning these people from assisting, it is your property, and I will whole heartily and understandingly respect your decision to not want Romani on your property. If you would sit with me and discuss this a little I would be grateful, but that is all for after the barn is dealt with.

May you find Warmth from Winter's sweet embrace,
Kevar Byrne, Standard Bearer to the Order of the Earthen Fist.
Oh Goodman Byrne,

What a blessing you are ... we'll leave the light on a while and if you can make it then great if not then we will be here in the morning... those things are scaring the livestock but dont seem to be hurting em.

we have so much faith in you and your guildmates were sure you can take care of this. As for the Gypsie... I guess so long as she's with you and promises not to cause trouble then as your a member of a respected and honored guild.... she can help you... but we dont want her snooping round our stuff.

Ms Swin