My Fellow Kin of Wyndael

My fellow Kin of Wyndael.

We stand at a point in which our future will be determined. House Wyndael and the rightful Emperor of the Cloud Empire Luinn Geifer are set to pursue his claim upon the throne. This is not just an important moment in their history but will be an important part of our history. A deal has been struck by High Magnates Ryatt and Keenan that if Luinn Geifer succeeds with his claim, he has promised that Wyndael would be made a free nation for us to govern on our own. I understand it would be hard to trust one with the history of Luinn Geifer but we have an opportunity to obtain what we all want for our race, an independent nation governed by ourselves for ourselves. People we have shown scorn for quite possibly will be spilling blood that will secure this future for us. I have a question for you though, what will we do to make sure that this opportunity does not pass us by? Will we sit idly by? Will they honor their promise to us if we just sit and wait to see the outcome, or do we decide now to put aside all the pain of the past to secure the future we all desire?

We must make an accounting of ourselves on the stage of this conflict. If Luinn Geifer fails we lose all. The Empire will come back and take our lands, slaughter those who would fight, and enslave our children again for generations. Will we sit idly by and allow this to happen? I say no! We shall say to those that currently sit in power that we will not allow this to happen. Blood for Blood was not the way but if we side now with those that would promise to set us free, to fight beside them and help them with their claim, help them gain their rightful place in the Empire, perhaps this time we will succeed in securing our own nation for generations to come.

I ask you, my fellow kin, that we show those that would give us our freedom that we will stand with them. Do not forget the past but do not let it keep us from our future. Instead of dwelling in the dark of the past let us seek out, let us hunt for the light of a bright future! I ask you to come train and form our own force that would fight for a right that all sentient beings should have, freedom and a land to claim as our own. I say to you, to those who are willing to risk all to come to Stormbreak Keep, let us show them exactly who the Kin are and what we are willing to do to earn that right! For our freedom, for our future, and for a nation that we can secure for generations to come, let us show the Empire who we truly are!

Mardex Gr’th Snowfang of Wyndeal