My Sincere Appologies

I have resurrected successfully. I am heading to Brittingcrest to face Her Majesty's judgement for my complete and total failure in the Camulan mission.

I accept full responsibility for the loss of Admiral Jaclyn and Councilman Garant. While not on my direct order their deaths were the result of one sworn to my service acting in what he thought would be my wishes when I was unable to be awoken. As his liege his actions fall on my shoulders.

Her Majesty and her paladins will decide if I am to remain a knight in light of this complete failure.

Due to the blatant disobeying of my orders by members of my court regarding the dragon Vacara, whom I regard as a necromancer and slaver, the murder of a civilian by a court memeber, and the failure to do a single thing I set out to do I will be very surprised if I am avalible for the festival in Amismoore.

The world has my upmost and sincere appologies for my failures to lead in this matter and the damage it has cost. I am lost beyond words in the personal betrayals I have suffered and the cost to the world they have extoled.

I am so sorry.
Sir Amaranthus Landcharmer


It is sounding more and more like I wish I had been present. I will hope to see you in July to be able to sit with you a spell. I will have to start gathering report of what went on. Remember we have been told the scale of what is in motion right now. The events of the past years pale in comparison. Do not endlessly berate yourself for all that goes on. There is only ever so much we can control. Hold strong and I will see you soon.

Simon Neville


The part I find most telling in all of this, is that those who have been most critical of the butt nobles of Ashbury who sit and do nothing and break the Code at will who were going to show us how it was done, should to totally and abysmally screw the pooch on their first real time anywhere close to center stage.

It's never been about what we did or didn't do... it's been the fact that no one who doesn't have to make these decisions realizes either the gravity of them, the speed at which they must be made, or how quickly they can unravel.

There are reasons that when gathered with adventurers either myself or Her Excellency are always awake. Always. It only takes ten minutes for everything you have worked towards for a decade to unravel, and there's a lot of ten minute spans to be overcome.

You and your Court didn't fail the test- you never knew what the test was.

We will persevere. We will continue to fight. We will make back lost's what we do. We've been in worse spots, my friend.

Baron Ulthoc Crownsmith of Nordenn.


HQ Staff
Your Honor,

You are correct. I didn't know. Now all I have built is in ruins and I am cut off from friends and kin. I was a child playing at being an adult, and I did not know the burdens of maturity. Now I know. The blood on my hands will never wash off, I have debts that will take a dozen lifetimes to repay, and I still do not know that there was any other choice but to do as I did. I have learned and lost, and I apologize without expectation or even hope of forgiveness to those who I derided in my ignorance and arrogance. Now I know, and can only go on by spending the rest of my life trying to make right what cannot be made right.




Few not among the peerage know the weight of the decisions we are forced to make, and make quickly, even when there are no "good" choices. Even choosing NOT to choose, is in fact a choice, and we are still accountable for that. But because they do not know, those around us just sit and shake their heads and wax about how awful we are, and what a joke the Code is. It's easy to judge when someone has never been in our shoes.

We do not do these things flippantly, and now I'm sure you're experiencing much the same mental and emotional aftermath that we do. I sympathize. Truly.

What's done is done. We will move on. We have little other choice.

Sir Amaranthus,

Mortals make mistakes. True nobles own those mistakes and continue to stand for what is right. Belt or not, title or not, I will still stand at your back against the evils that oppose us.

-Baroness Ezri Silverthorn of the Ash Forest
While I am still accepting responsibly I do invite anyone who thinks they can work the kitchen from 9 bells in the morning until 9 bells at night and fight in pitched battles in 30 stones of armor in the rain and NOT suffer the kind of black out I suffered to step forward and prove themselves before talking about my inability to be awoken.

I know all to well about the choices. I just trusted the wrong people to act in my name. That will be remedied.

Sir Amaranthus Landcharmer


Not commenting on any lack of stamina on your part my friend... saying that no one person can do it all alone. A Fellowship is needed. All it takes is any one ten minute span of being unattended for our children to make a mess of the longhouse.

I am beyond fortunate to have a talented, intelligent, strong-willed counterpart who shares those tasks in town as needed. As we now have a full collection of Baronially ranked people, I expect the workload will begin to lessen further. No one man can represent the will of an entire Duchy, or Kingdom, on their own.

In all honesty, the only reason I didn't put the candles out on the mission from the start was I told them they needed to get approval from the Council, AND from the Four Elders before proceeding. I believed there was literally no way that all six would go along. Apparently, I was right.

Lanna Rose

Sir Amaranthus

I am glad you resurrected. I had hoped to be in Brittington for the next gather but my duties I'm Greystone are keeping me here. I hope we get a chance to speak the next time I see you.

Stay well.

Squire Readella Taurasan
High Guard of Blythedale
Sir Landcharmer,

I am most relieved to hear of your successful resurrection. I myself suffered my first resurrection during the final assault on the objective.

While I cannot condone what your court has done, I still firmly stand behind you. You are one of the few Biata that I fully trust in these dark days. Coming from an Imladari, I hope that makes my point.

As Count Ulthoc said,
"No one man can represent the will of an entire Duchy, or Kingdom, on their own."
While I might not share the same duties, I understand your frustration to some extent. I am currently only official point of contact when Imladari matters are at hand. I sleep very little at gathers for this exact reason. (I know you cannot do this due to all the fine cooking)

Sidenote to the nobles, I will be in Imladar next month (as will Faelwen) attending to some official matters. Please send me a missive, or dream to me, if you require anything of myself or Imladar.

Squire Altohtaro Armand
Special Forces Division, Ohtar
Imladar Northern Regional Command
Imladari Ambassador Pro Tempore to the Duchy of Ashbury