National Event 2010!!

I am not national event staff member.

I am a player however and I can't help but have noticed (as other people might have as well) that LCO items are being allowed en-mass all over the Alliance.

I can also speak to the policy that was upheld at the last national event, (I attended) and that policy was to allow a certain somewhat "restricted" number of LCO items per player. So bring what you can, and you'll probably be able to use at least some of your items, if current trends and old precedent has any bearing on the matter.


obcidian_bandit said:
That is very contrary to what happened at the last National event, IIRC.
If you're not national event staff, please don't make assumptions like that.
If you are national event staff, please indicate such when you post from that position.
I would safely assume that I am not staff, as nothing in my post says such. :D


As the Event draws nearer the National Event Staff will begin posting all the information players will need... since its still 6+ months away things are still nascent on some policies and I'm not sure if they are going with the previous NE rules or if they will modify them.

That said decisions like that WILL be made by the National Event Staff-- Ohio is the Host Chapter but this is not an Ohio Event. Our staff will be providing support for the National Event Staff to come in a run it. To my understanding the "National Event" is like a pseudo chapter of its own- hence its own game world for instance. As plot progresses and develops there may be Ohio elements that creep in... but no spoilers or info here lol :)


I'm not sure if this is the place to post this, but can magic items obtained at the last National event be sold back (via the Merchant skill) at the event? I have a couple in my possession that have expired and don't want to throw out perfectly good re-usable reps.


Quinn said:
As the Event draws nearer the National Event Staff will begin posting all the information players will need... since its still 6+ months away..
Are there any special props or items that the National Event Staff might want to have made for the game? Masks? Metal tokens? Crystal objects? I'm offering my services for it and 6 months gives me plenty of time to create some cool things.
I believe they are going to post more info about stuff they need on a webpage or something? But likewise I would LOVE to be able to make some stuff! :)


Yeah, but I'd like more than 30 days notice on what they need. Theoretically, I could make them 50+ units of a custom designed mask if they asked for them within the next month.


Hi all,

We're in a bit of a transition right now, but rest assured information will be forthcoming very soon. The Ohio staff and National folks have been working hard for quite some time, and are going to make sure you've got the info you need in a timely fashion. We all appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition.