Nationals 2018 favorite moments

So this was an interesting event for Ember.

Thursday Night
- Sadly one of my biggest regrets was not going to the Orc party. Ember wanted to so bad, but sadly real life made me too tried and I went to bed early. But I was able to do one mod before going to bed.
-Loved the map and exploring the map mechanic.
-I made Izzy mad at me, I felt soo bad.... it was great rping. Sorry Ember has no tact and marcea has little brain power so the combination is bad. But it created an interesting problem...
-Loved the sound elemental mods such a cool idea.
Fae Party
- Fae party I just looved. From the 80's punk rocker fae king, to the mermaids, to the dancing fae, to one my fav New Acarthian faes like Taylor's fae and to the creepy fae.... `There were alot of moments in particular that were really great rp moments that I just loved. For example:
-Ember is a dancer so of course she had to go to the human dancer in the corner and chat with her. I found out she was a "gift" which was sounding very close to a slave. I kept asking if she was okay and asking if she would be able to leave the party after it ended. She kept say yes but Ember did not trust that so she kept an eye on her and checking in on her. Then the king order her to be "taken care of " after what he thought was a bad dance.... (I have to point out Ember would love her to dance for her anytime like that) Ember jumped up and ran after her. The redcap was coming for her, but Dia's fae said that she would protect her. Ember told the dancer she would protect her if she did think the fae was going to protect her and the dancer said she trusted her. I used a break command just incase to make sure she was not under a spell (sadly I can't break a greater command though) The fae and the dancer ran off into the woods to "protect" her. Then I find out she might not have protected her, she might have eaten her and also trapped her soul!! Then I try to think about how to rescue her. I realize I have some info that dia's fae asked for about the summer king and I use that to try and bargain for the freedom of the dancer instead of a boon. Sadly it did not work out quite the way Ember wanted.... Dia did such a great job evading and explaining and finally us coming to a deal. Loved.
-Mermaids!! Ember is a fire creature but she did not take damage for water this game and so I had a chance to meet mermaids soo of course I will take it. I have a list of the creatures I want to hug and I have never hugged a mermaid and this will be the last time I will be able to, without hurting myself so I soo of course I jumped at it. Umm I almost died though.... cause you know Ember jumps in literally feet first without thinking.... so breathing underwater was an issue and Ember did not even think about that issue. I did at least get a kiss though from the mermaid, I was trying to get air from the kiss, but if that does not work at least I die kissing a mermaid.....luckily I was able to swim out and I could do a small deal with fae to get water beathering ability. The negotiating was hilarious, the creepy fae kept saying interesting deals and I kept specifying exactly what they meant by it. For example I was suppose to give them something that is sweet and I made sure the sweet was a candy or baked good not something like a child.... that made the fae give a creepy giggle. I think my knight Wolsey would be proud of my negotiating (ignoring that fact I made a deal with the fae in the first place.) I ended up giving them a hershey kiss and got the creepiest kiss in return but hey I got the ability to breath under water! Loved my underwater time, but I dont think Ember could ever be comfortable underwater....
-Dancing!! I got to dance at the party and baby bird was such a good dancer! Any excuse to dance is a good excuse.
-Found out fire burnt down the dryads forest I felt very conflicted and did try to talk to fire elementals in the forest fire but that did not work.
-Watched 1,000 Bones take responsibility for the burn... Ember cried during the beautiful and emotional ceremony where they burnt themselves alive. I rag on 1,000 bones alot.... I gained a whole new level of respect for him.
-Giving up my body to help respark the life in the forest. Afterwords cuddling up and then hearing Peat sing.... ohh my gosh... that song was the most perfect song to sing.
- Ember leading a mod. How is Ember a leader... when did Ember ever sign up for this and can Ember leave... lol
- Yeah, Warchester got to fight together, finally at the compound mod, loved all the crazy traps added a new level of difficulty.
- Cuddling in front of the tower while people where fighting the dragon mage.

General favs
-Loved the food!!
-Loved talking to all the out of towns people and getting to know them. I hope I see more of you guys again!
-Mixed feelings about the resource card being the same name as me. It was confusing hearing my name all day but it was great to make all the jokes about how everyone wanted to trade me and buy me :p
This event was absolutely amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.

1. I got to NPC with my dad and my kiddos! The best part was dad was trying to sell Viridan ore to anyone in the tavern, and he encountered Baroness Elivar. I am, and was, so grateful to Jules for role-playing with Dad. He's new to all of this, and it really made my day.

2. The pages and the outside of the tavern yelling SNACK SNACK SNACK at Elwin. Ember, you had me dying with laughter when you joined in.

3. The pages! They were honestly lovely and watching them learn to role-play was wonderful.

4. During the page mod, the little mystic, Alyx, yelled at Elwin "YOU'RE DRUNK".

5. The highly creative challenges the pages gave the NPC's on their mod. The two NPC's (Sierra and Emily?) were amazing and really gave those characters their all.

6. Yelling at Arc when I found out Sleet and Copper joined the vigilant. Lagarde and Blue threatening Arc as a result, and then me joining the Vigilant. (love you Sunny!)

7. The mystic with the glowing horns killing himself for the puzzle mod in the tavern. That was amazing role play!

8. Sleet puppy eyeing me when I chastised her for joining the Vigilant.

9. Rork's reaction to Alora's declaration of not having pockets- yet.

10. Seeing Alis in Scion colors.

11. Parzivel speaking to Alis about me, and mouthing things to Alis. Alis pointed out I could see him. He was certain I couldn't, if I could, what he was doing would be "incredibly rude".

12. My Pages, Alora and Jacob healing people after the fights in perfect unison.

THE FOOD. It was so good!
Ratman trade. Ratman BEST trade! The kids are still running around the house as ratmen trading.
The blue and orange cards!

A huge thank you to everyone who made this event so wonderful! You all rock <3
I am the MWE who did infact kill himself in the tavern for the ritual. I am glad people enjoyed it because it's been something Jinn has been wanting to do for a while. He wanted to see what he could learn from it while doing it under very safe conditions. Just so everyone knows who ever locked down the tavern thanked me for my sacrifice while I was in my count, So he did actually learn something!
Once again I have too many moments, both small and large, that I loved, that this list is absurd. But here it goes anyway.


-ORC HUNT MOD: First off, I got to go on the Orc hunt mod as the dire wolf, which I was so happy about because I got to NPC AND see this shindig. It was awesome. But before we even get there, I got force-fed an intoxicate by Sandro, which led to hilarity. Then we friggin got fed! Like really awesome food! All while we waited for the hunt to kick off. Thank you so much Bleeding Eye Tribe!

-TOWER OF PAIN PART 1: Then I was a part of the first wave of the tower of pain. Getting subjugated and turning on his friends because they were too close to him with weapons raised before being told "No, no go fight in front of me!" (sorry Rangazi!) heh heh. And then the highlight was watching this poor rogue do laps around Mike M to get to go get help! I know it was scary for you, but it was hilarious to watch. XD And then once everyone was lifed, a whole group running circles around Mike M.
-Just.....being ratmen.....all of that lol

-Helping out in the kitchen Friday morning and still getting to RP with Toadstone, Thorgrim, and Cynder! Thanks for telling me more about yourselves!

-FORTUNE ELEMENTAL: Thank you soo sooo much to Jack for letting me be the Fortune Elemental because OMG watching Mike M go to work is always amazing. Not to mention Garrion and Jeremy were the best friggin sharks! You should have seen the way they moved! And I got to play a big bad! You guys were hilarious to RP with. And the conflict Aden had of being loved to Aikoll vs Charmed to Araixi. XD well done sir, well done! Also, I don't know who this was,but the person who was yelling after I was banished "Where did she go?! she just poofed away! COME BACK!!" I appreciate you sir.

-The saga of Stringbean the bestest snek. Long story short, they opened a box with a BMV berserk. Not my fault. so needless to say, done got killed. But they totally brought Stringbean back! Like with a life! Kudos to John for that RP!

-RATMEN - FRIDAY NIGHT: Soo the ratmen on Friday night, I was a chemist who would gladly trade, both goods and info. But I kept getting interrupted so I would put people to sleep and keep trading ("Trade?" "YES! Ratman trade! Best trade!" get interrupted, cause damage gas poison, sleep gas poison.... "ratman trade?") and it was the funniest thing to me. Also, thank you smart ratman (Ian) for helping me out when I needed more info.

-FAE PARTY: A HUGE shoutout to Dia, Dev, Mike P, and Taylor for throwing this fancy shindig together and letting me come play! Everything looked gorram amazing and I learned so so much about RP and creating a world for PCs to interact with.
-First, watching what PCs brought to the King of the summer court. You guys are creative and brought really interesting stuff!
-My first PC interaction was convincing Mevanwy to sit beside Elkonrig because she was a pretty thing.
-Followed by a very concerned Lagarde and Blue. Lol thanks for playing along. And I had a more intimate conversation with the two of them and had some amazing RP. I was very very impressed with their answers.
-Will H as the redcap was quite possibly both inspiring and terrifying. I cannot believe how much skill he has with EVERY SINGLE WEAPON TYPE... #goals
-Sandro and Alis were also amazing storytellers and RPers (although who doesn't have good RP with Alis, really, she's amazing) and I loved the whole trick of telling Sandro I was the queen of fashion.
-Watching Dia evade Ember's questions was like watching an aerial display. No really. I'm going to have to get good to continue being fae, but Dia has clearly mastered it.
-Witnessing character development in front of my eyes in the form of RP with Thorgrim and Cynder! You guys did beautifully. Also I am so sorry I couldn't answer more about the winter court, but I was not given Acarthian specific information. SO I learned from Dia and evaded the hell out of it.
-But all around the costuming and RP was fantastic for that party. 10/10 would recommend.

-Getting warned by Ark that we were in trouble for joining the vigilant
-Getting yelled at by Gwen for joining the vigilant
-Getting to share a proud moment for Alis who was successful in her hunt and got to be a full member of her pack!
-The above was my first 10 minutes of being in character.
-Being appreciated by Calgary rogues (TY, you guys are awesome too!)
-ZOOMIES to save momma Blue in the compound
-Also blowing 2 evers to not die, so I had some "o sh*t" moments.
-Peat and Sandro on the back porch. you know what you did. Also, it is really hard to keep a straight face and feign ignorance around you two. I hope you're proud.
-Snacky time and story time. I love story time!
-BlueWolf's insane ritual. Just...wut. *magic high fives all around!* And watching Rork make faces during it
-Porch time with Thousand Bones, Brother Faux, Fox Fam, and Captain. I really really had fun there and learned so much about everyone's characters. (that origin story though Bones. That pretty much takes the cake)
-Watching Izzy melt Tevas. yeah that story. I got to see it in it's full glory. I even patted Tevas on the shoulder "There there, don't be cry"
-A HUGE shoutout to Marc, Jay, and Garrion for their help Saturday night <3 I owe you all a beer. Seriously.
-Sunday morning story time <3 I love story time.

I'm sure I'm leaving like a dozen things out, but there were so many small amazing moments. Thank you to our hard working plot team and all the full time NPCs who made this thing amazing. My compliments to the chefs! Amazing food! Until next time! In the words of Sleet "Safe roads and dead foes!"
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This whole event just blew my hair back, or would have if I didn't habitually cut it off, so where oh where to begin?

*Scout tactics. I love that stuff. Having a pair of outstanding guards to work with, and a partner to coordinate with, even though the whole ordeal suffered from "first contactitis" (as in nothing went as intended) for the compound fight was really cool. I also liked that despite the abundance of traps I didn't have to even touch one since the general chaos meant the enemy was setting em off, and finding a couple of folks such as Hera and another fellow who's name I sadly missed attach themselves to me really helped us out. I hope the members of my squad didn't feel it turned into too bad a of a fuster cluck.

*Seeing the Ratmen civil structure, if only briefly. The blue cards were cool for that, and even running into noncombatants during our revealing of the map was great. It reminded me, especially in one incident, that there was a reason for them to be there.

*The ratmen in general. The glowstick eyes, the primitive intellect and merchant culture, and the general demeanor of their culture were all really neat to see. We rarely get that up north here, save for a few goblins that are usually just trying to screw us over and seem to need to be put down without exception.

*Meeting all of you lovely folk. I honestly can't think of any of you that were anything but amazing people, and even when it came to your characters I only had one or two grouchy moments, which is a big deal for me since my character tends to be a bit abrasive and aggressive. I said it often but ahould any of y'all wish to venture to our merry corner of Fortannis you're welcome to, and Jinn, Kumari, and myself will happily do our damnedest to ensure that you're welcomed as heroes and as squared away in your travel arrangements as we possibly can.

*NPC camp was a batch of the most wonderful people I ever met, and my nonexistent hat goes off to how hard they were willing and able to work. That they didn't, in my experience, ever tell anybody no and settled for not right now but gimme a bit was awesome. I know everyone has told them this already but damn, you guys were the real champions.

*Working on that map, especially when everyone began to feel the time crunch towards the end. I always have a blast trying to organize groups who have a million of their own things going on as individuals, and working with Aikoll (sp?) on that was great.

*Getting to teach. Waylay. Against a bunch of folks wearing arcane armor. That was funny as heck, and I'm sure my student learned a valuable lesson there.

*All the pcs who were so welcoming. My companions and I definitely intend to visit when we can. You were all so welcoming, and dedicated, it was really cool to see. Even just the attention to costuming and maintaining of your characters was stellar so again, I'll find a hat to take off for you.

*That Fae party. Y'all know how to live it up. Our Fae tend more towards homicidal mania, so the more subtle threat you guys presented was really cool. Case in point when the king kissed my hand I nearly had to change my underwear and spent the rest of the night fretting, and I fully expected the hunt to be absolutely terrifying instead of the sweet deal that it was.

~Marty (Johm)
-First off, the map! I really enjoyed the sense of wonder and adventure that came from exploring something new and there were so many great mods on the map. It was a great concept and also helped manage such a large number of players.

-The Destined mods are always a blast as a lower level character, to get the opportunity to have a more significant impact. I also had fun getting to step up as one of the leaders of the destined at certain points especially during the second mod which was a great encounter, funneling us into a tunnel that made us rotate our front line in and out made it so a lot of people got to contribute to that battle.

The ratmen bomb removal mod. I mostly just sat back and watched but there was some excellent roleplay here between the ratmen and a group of PCs led by Polare(sp?) The interaction was hilarious and showed that the ratmen were there for more than senseless bloodshed.

- Attending the Fae party with Motti and Demvarien. The ambiance, the costumes and the roleplay were all fantastic. Bonus shoutouts to The Red Cap (Will) to being terrifying and besting everyone who challenged him, Tevasti for being my dance partner and Bria for leading the dancers.

- The mod Saturday morning where Van and Brother Faux debated whether to trade with or kill a new tribe of ratmen they set out to negotiate free passage with (through unspecified means). Even though Faux ultimately won the majority of the party over to violence, it was still a valuable learning experience for Vandathron.

The scarecrow mod with Ember, Templeton, Motti, Bladrym and co. One of the harder fights I was part of this weekend because of those accursed arcane fears. We thought about calling it a couple times and coming back with a stronger group since we were a little green and only had two shield fighters with us but we persevered and handled the second room way better than the first. Who knew Ember was a leader?

-Team 1/7! Dem, Motti, Tivi, Thran, and Clara! We killed it on Saturday night as a group of all lower level characters. We flew through the maze and held our own in the battle largely without the support of higher level characters. That was one of my favorite battles I've done through my 4 events.

- Watching 1kBones 'kill' Demvarien over and over.

- And last but not least, Demvarien and Van had a lot of great interactions this weekend and are developing better chemistry as both characters and fighters. From leading the destined together to Van completely underestimating his brother who outsmarted the fae king with Biata mind shenanigans and a little unintentional help from me. I always enjoy spending time with you in and out of game so thanks for being my recruiter, my shield and my favorite person to fight with, my voice and my brother.

Thanks to all the people who spent time giving instruction and advice to Vandathron this weekend. Thanks to The court of Rivervale for having me in their cabin and as always, "Thank you NPCs!"
  • The Archaeology Society couldn’t have been better designed to hook Plue’s interest. Nerd stuff AND biata stuff? Yes please! The delightful Guildmaster Phineas made it even better.
  • On the archaeology side, I loved all the letters and props and extra content that was findable through blue cards, etc. It really made Voridium feel like a rich world that we could explore and learn about.
  • On the biata side...I always say that any event where I get to do mental stuff is a good one, and this one I got a freakin' HOMESTONE. Very cool, and it was great to meet and bond with my fellow biata.
  • Ratmen trade! I got a very nice magic item in exchange for a chocolate. Plue best trade!
  • The final Saturday night battle was one of the best executed I've seen. The effects were great, and the scaling and different enemies and the addition of the maze meant that people of all levels and play styles could participate, but since it was all one big melee everyone felt equally involved and subject to the danger of the big bad.
  • The Fey party was also really well executed. I had an excellent mix of fun (bonding with Demvarien over being mediocre half-breed biata) and extreme ambivalence (never have I been more terrified to receive a boon for doing something well).
  • Fighting in Denver is very different than it is in SF. This is the first time I've really had the opportunity to properly play the rogue half of my adept and I had a blast. (Literally in one case... thanks Emaric.)
  • Fighting in one of the tower levels and being able to hold my own was a great feeling.
  • Mostly, though, I loved meeting and developing relationships with so many wonderful new people. A few shoutouts, but seriously everyone was lovely.
    • Meeting Demvarien was a big highlight for Plue. I'm excited to see how that relationship develops.
    • Aikoll -- had a great time with you on #bratsquad
    • I was instantly charmed by Ollie. Seeing him be so eager to help, and then so serious about pursuing his wild theory really warmed Plue's heart.
    • Getting drunk with Zakar and deciding we were going to save all the ratmen when they attacked the town. RATMEN FRIENDS!
    • Not PCs, but Doorian and the Library Golems deserve some love.
    • Sandro and his hand-holding trick. So cheesy, yet so cute.
    • Awesome to meet Mevanwey after meeting Amber a while back at karaoke :)
    • Lea, Azalee, Templeton, and the rest of the Thursday night gang that was so welcoming to me!
    • I'm sure I'm forgetting others. You're all awesome and I love you. I'm just real tired. There is not enough air up there.
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Alright, its been a while since I've done these and worked behind the scenes of Monster Camp.

First of all thanks to all those that came out and made this adventure.

  • Thanks to Paxton for inviting back for the National game to help run Monster Camp.
  • Thanks to Derek my Monster Camp partner in crime.
    • Messmer, thanks for filling in when I stepped out to PC.
  • Thanks to the NPC and the tireless energy for everything you do.
  • Thanks to my two families: Tiatar and #TeamWarCrimes.
    • 2-3 Mods together in some fashion, finally!
  • Most everyone knows I am a behind the scenes character and will gladly talk in the tavern all day if given the chance. This event, I was tasked to lead a few times. Thanks for that guys.
Favorite moments in random memory order:
  • Hallucination Pond Mod - Emaric does not like swimming in open ocean and usually hates boats so that was a fun experience.
  • Sewer Mod - Puck showering us with his watery love.
  • Compound Assault - Great job overall, Amber asking me to help with something and not realizing I'd help her lead it.
  • One on One with Demvarien - [redacted]
  • Brotherly Love / Warrior Bonding - ThousandBones being burned a live and not having his warriors present to stand with him.
  • Mini-Cuddle Puddle - Ember, Cynder and I having a mini-puddle outside the Dragon Mage's tower and both their partners not concerned at all because they knew we'd wreck anything that would mess with us.

I know I am missing a bunch of stuff but shoutout to everyone who had fun and interacted with Emaric, I have a crap memory so WOOT!
Hey guys! Thanks for an awesome time!
Gebous had a great time meeting new people.
Favorites in no particular order.
1. Going on the first tower mod with a bunch of people who didn’t know my play style. Being able to rogue in a tunnel fight is always a challenge. When things went bad I shifted to field medic/decoy mode. Stepping in line with the NPCs marching to the front door while the marshal barely kept himself from laughing was an awesome moment. Once we all got to the first floor I bolted past the golems and the marshal finally lost his mind.
2. The gas fight with “Lord Finther”. I never did get my care package from the Baroness.
3. Listening to Parzivel talk about his people’s history and just being dumbstruck how monstrous this guys people were/are.
4. The travelers from Crossroads, it was awesome to hang with familiar faces far from home.
5. Sparring with Parzivel and Tevas. Thanks for giving me some moves to work on!
6. Raganzi/Cookie: Thanks for being an ambassador for Gebous/The Hunt and special thanks for loaning me sleeping gear.
7. “Hey Kylar! You busy? You’re coming with the A squad to the tower” the look on Danny’s face was priceless.
8. Waylaying the Dragon Mage. Wasn’t sure it was going to work but I was definitely going to try either way. Thanks for the cloak, it was a cool trophy to bring back.
9. Helping with the Vengeance ritual. “No one else is freaking out about the noise and effects so I guess that’s just how it’s done here.”
10. Not technically during the event, but I had a great time at Symposium as well. It’s cool to see people in person who are as passionate about the game as I am.
11. Getting to see Jesse G. again, it’s been too long hopefully it won’t be as long til next time.
12. The last battle and the MWE I lifed & dragged out of there. I didn’t mean to have our last interaction be a negative one. I had been meaning to check in with you, but packing and leaving kind of took over. Gebous doesn’t give a sh@t if he likes you or not he’ll still risk his neck to help, because he knows you’re important to someone.

I’m pretty sure they’re more moments that I’m missing.
Again, thanks to the Staff, the NPC’s, and all the PC’s who made the National game a great success.
Will Kinkaid
Sorry, double Posted.
I had written a review of the game right after the game while I was waiting for my flight home. The sleep dep/afterglow report can be found here:

As for specifics, here are the ones that stuck out in my head:

Receiving a magic item for gathering and distributing the 8 tenants of nobility for the shard. The NPC scout thought my actions of preserving the history was worthy of a reward.
Finally finding out that there were two #5 tenants but no #4. The IG solution for the typo on the blue information cards? The 'I' in the Roman 'IV' was worn off and took someone with stone skill to notice which one it was (great improv resolution there, Trace!)
Polare -always a pleasure and the help he gave to have me more involved in the game was appreciated.
Ratmen wanting to build an idol of me because I could make one shiney into two shinies with sleight of hand.
The Mercantile Guild setup just outside the tavern. Not only could you resupply there but it was rather inexpensive and the dryad working it was a great tree.
The amount of non-combative quests, puzzles and other events within the game.
Being able to pick locks! (The chapter I play in most often is in an area where simply possessing lockpicks can get you arrested).
The massive last night battle with the BBG that lasted for a while and where I do not remember a single hold being called.
The use of natural resources as important currency/reagents/etc. to keep things local.

It's always fun and a pleasure to play with people from all over North America. Thank you all for making it a trip worth taking!
Everything was sooo good. I want to just thank npcs and plot as well as my brochester friends for all the hard work they did running and feeding the game.
  • Thursday night I loved seeing all my old friends as well as Taylor’s cranky NPC.
  • Going on the waaaay over our level mod with Izual and Cynder. We kept up til that one floor. But the rogue killed it. He got me up and was just like here’s the plan. Go go go and it worked and we all got out. I had a really good time with that group. Sorry I didn’t meat shield you better Velis. I’m used to being the squishiest. But all of that team was great. And I loved the disappointment when people came to save us and we’d alrewdy retreated.
  • Seeing the map and watching it grow was awesome. Also seeing all the cards for resources.
  • Doing the factory mod with a really weird group match up and then watching Rory and John Siadak play speed chess forever. I’ve played board games with him but holy heck it was so weird to watch.
  • Trying to sabatage the newest scion. I loved Interfereing and am sad at who loaned her a belt. Way to be true to your race lol. Kai Alis!
  • Myst lynx mod! It was mostly or all Acarthians and many of my faves outside my team. What a fun time that was.
  • Everyone’s reaction to my dryad NPC costume. <3 I’m sad I didn’t get out more in it but all the love it got was great.
  • Fae party! We were confined to a specific room as naiads but it was great watching all the people walk by or pop in. Poor ember just wanted to be with us and didn’t know to get water breathing.
  • Saturday I needed to just get sleep and recover so I missed a bunch of stuff in the morning. Made it back just in time for the big compound fight. Go team warchester. It was great to get back into action as a team. I was sad to lose many scrolls and Potions to acid trap. Dang it. But it was super fun and well done/handled.
  • Holding onto a prized item of Lumi’s newest crush and then handing it back over and finding out the thing she kept warm under her shirt was his dead wife’s. Whoooops.
  • Also magic hand!
  • Any Sandro character crush. I could not handle the adorable ness.
  • Back porch hang outs before dinner Saturday. I had so much fun hanging out and interacting with everyone.
  • The water mod. I loved the group dynamic for it. And also the poor doorman. XD. kisstoxicate is best way.
  • The fight Saturday night. So well done. I was super impressed with how well it was handled on all sides. And I was definitely scared.
  • Waiting outside dragon mage tower sure that poor Kendrick was over his head.
  • The reindeer kyn. I loved every single interaction I had with them. But Tivi was great bait.
  • Hearing about all the people that have to the terminal. It sounded like it was super emotional and amazing.
  • All the new friends Lumi made.
  • Final fight was also very well handled.
  • Bucket list check before leaving.
  • Really just a wonderful time. I had a really great event! Can’t wait for June and the rest of the season.
I’ll add anything I missed as it comes back to me :)
Alrighty. Been busy so sorry for the late post here. I had a good time playing Nevrin Moore, Ravenkyn archer and mate to the white Goatkyn Alura. Im normally on plot for Denver so I dont normally get to be in with the PC's. Definitly a change. Had a lot of fun though :)

And now for my memorablr moments in no particular order:
-Being at Sky High. I have to admit that I will miss this site. While facilities could be better the ambiance and environment is stellar!
-going on a mod with another black birdkyn who uses a simular skill set to myself. That was interesting. Glad Stevaan uses a crossbow :)
Same mod fighting in a door way and shooting over a shield to one corner of troophouse while Stevaan is shooting over the same shield from farther back so we had a cross fire to keep the NPC's dancing.

- sound elemental mod. That was an interesting encounter. You couldnt tell that this had been a scaled up mod to accommodate most of the town! Fun mechanics and lots of good combat. Went through a number of arrows here. And a number of them keeping Tevas (as the Big bad) dancing so the melee fighters can get in close.
-fri night Ratmen Fight. One ratman at a time? Pretty easy. 2? Now its a stiff fight. 3? Run for help! Getting downed right infront of the merchants guild ward while wimpering "help?" Then later going back out to make sure Alura made it to the tavern safe, encountering the same ratmen (dang Derick, you can be fast!) And then cutting them down after they threaten Alura. "Dont mind me. Going to catch a breather here":Derick "No worries, feel free to take your time dissipating": me
Same fight, arrow comes in out of the dark and lands "what was that?" "Assasinate 30!" "Parry!"

-traveling with Tiatar and getting to explore more options than the "let the circles sort them out" mentality. It was great roleplaying with Jules and Ray and the rest of Tiatar!
While traveling with Tiatar and having to solve a puzzle, Thousand Bones wants to use a tool to "help" Alura solve a labyrinth puzzle. My "plot sense" kicks in and I stop him from interfering, only to look over and notice the marshall had snuck up and was observing the interaction closely. Talk about feeling the proverbial close call!

--sat night fight! Helping to defend the tavern. Being able to hit 80% or so of my targets from the back porch. During this time Mike M only recognizing me by my voice.
After getting patched back together in the tavern and about to head back outside, hearing that there is a feared person by the door. Step out to find Capt Roberts. "Ah" activate endow "come with me. Hey Alura, can you fix this mind?"

It was great getting to roleplay as a PC this game. Lots of new people met and new connections made . Finding others who recognize Siren and myself as our PC's. And all the people who interacted with us and then couldn't recognize me without the mask :)