Nations and guardians of Evodia

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    On the request of zen i have condensed and transcribed my notes of the nations and guardians of Evodia into dream. The following is my knowledge i have learned in brief from others in my travel hope it can serve everyone well.


    Primary Nation: Erabella (Ae-r-a-bell-a)

    Capital City: Tilmere

    Guardian: Evoder, the Victorious


    Primary Nation: Estrana (es-tra-na)

    Capital City: Hatheara

    Guardian: Sharloth, The Strong Minded


    Primary Nation: Yushein (you-sheen)

    Capital City: Asmington

    Guardian: Phelorna, The Giver of Life

    Dark Elves

    Primary Nation: Heliorinas (hee-lee-or-in-as)

    Capital City: Avaprine

    Djinn: Raqchi, The Driving Force


    Primary Nation: Nyolume (Nee-O-loom)

    Capital City: Reensera

    Guardian: Halvar, The Lost Shepherd


    Primary Nation: Yresa

    Capital City: Paurith

    Guardian: Cyvoth, the Tender

    High ogres

    Primary Nation: The Island of Metruk (met-rook)

    Capital City: None

    Guardian: Grylrut, the Keeper

    High orcs

    Primary Nation: Igshnak (Ig-shnack)

    Capital City: Korse

    Guardian: Burglim, The Mighty


    Primary Nation: Thoinia (Th-O-ee-nee-a)

    Capital City: Raglain

    Guardian: Vunos, the Golden Clad


    Primary Nation: Lannek

    Capital City: None

    Guardian: Garn, the Calm

    Stone elves

    Primary Nation: Kierellius (key-rel-ee-ous)

    Capital City: Naralith

    Guardian: Igmodimens, The Protective


    Primary Nation: Huvaria (Who-VAR-ee-uh)

    Capital City: Freeport

    Guardian: Deolei, the Gifted


    Primary Nation: Esnal (ehz-nul)

    Capital City: Opria

    Guardian: Unyd, the Mysterious

    -Sergeant Roff
    Aloutte Rallentine Starshine Ze Rycha Voda
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    I feel so left out.
    Gerty the Gruntuled Dwarf

    Primary Nation: Krosra (Crow-Srah)
    Capital City: Emmog
    Guardian: Mirmyl, the Preserver
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    thank you i noticed that as well..


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