Near the firepit.


Kai, or someone who could be Kai, heads from the Arcane sanctum to the circle of power she keeps her chickens in.

She looks like a shadow of her former self: her clothing and fur is patched with the mud she lay in last night. She walks awkwardly; a shuffle that speaks of sore muscles or old injuries. The slight breeze shifts her hair strangely, it's matted with dead leaves and bits of twigs.

She works to care for the chickens; putting down new food, and changing the bedding. Her movements are mechanical, precise and automated through long habit. The chickens peep and mill around her, but she does not react to their presence. She does not stop to pet them, or call them by their names. She shows them none of her usual warmth and affection. Nothing about her seems usual, at this moment.

Finishing her work, she shuffles away, silently, towards the cabin she shares with magus Evo.


Calan having just exited the sanctum watches this quietly from a distance. This doesn’t seem like the time to interrupt or speak. He then carries in and wonders off on his own to think.