Need a Celestial Ritual Caster for Big West?


Hi folks!

I plan to attend Big West this year. All 3 days of it! Woooo! I am so excited!

As some of you know, I do rituals. I tend to go big, usually doing Casting Insight and True Conservation on all rituals in the batch, and all the bells and whistles that go along with that. My character build will have somewhere between 100 and 150 High Magic to facilitate all of the ritual castings, because I do not want to lose the spirit of my character (who currently has 100 Celestial Formal in 1.3).

So, this is notification that if anyone wants a new 2.0 magic item cast at Big West with all of the bells and whistles to let me know. Understanding the demand will help me plan for the supply my character can provide in terms of ritual manipulating High Magic.

Seth Bird, the player of Alavatar


Hey everybody!

If you would like me to cast something please let me know! I have had a couple requests so far, which is good; I just want to prepare both Plot and Marshals for my upcoming Ritual Casting needs. The sooner I know what you want cast, the better I can plan casting timeframes with Marshals, and the more time Plot has to think up terribly awesome Empowerments.



Can scrolls from any chapter be cast at big west? Or just Seattle or Just West coast chapters?


Seattle Staff
From the FAQ (

23. What ritual scrolls will be usable at the event?

Restricted Ritual Scrolls may be used from any participating chapter (Seattle, Oregon, Utah, San Francisco, and Denver). You may use Restricted Scrolls (and Mist Touched) from multiple different chapters to create a single item.

LCO scrolls from any chapter may be used at Big West. If an LCO ritual is cast to create an item, the entire item will become LCO to the chapter of the LCO scroll's origin. An Item may not be created using LCO scrolls from more than 1 chapter.

For catalyst-required casting, the correct catalyst must accompany the scroll (Both scroll and catalyst must come from a single chapter).

Boost Duration cannot be cast at a Regional Event.

All ritual scrolls issued at the Big West event will be Mist Touched.


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Alliance Rules
Seattle Staff
I thought Calgary was a participating chapter for Big West?


This is the last Luke said on the topic.
LCO scrolls from any chapter may be used but only participating chapters will be able to use restricted scrolls. Participating chapters are those that are contributing to plot, granting NPC rewards, providing marshals, kitchen staff, or NPCs for the event. If your chapter has not been listed, then none of the criteria for participation has been met. That being said, it is still early and chapters will be added to that list as they join us in our efforts to make our second regional event a huge success.

Aden Corso

Hi there Alavatar! I'll definitely be looking for you - I'm hoping to have some rituals cast for an item I've been doing a lot of collecting for. It'll be my first time getting an item created!


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Alavatar!!!! I am going to need your help a great deal! Save me room for 20-30



Alavatar!! I am looking to get together with you. A big casting on a set of armor. Not sure how big it is (Brent knows the numbers) but I'd be willing to do whatever I can to assist on getting help.



I am happy to help! If any of you have a particular ritual you would like to be the target of a True Empowerment then let me know! The sooner I know the better.

(OOG: I would like to give Plot a heads up on True Empowerments so they are not caught cold and off guard. Giving Plot the time to think about True Empowerment is usually a good thing. Send me a PM!)


Good morning folks,

The Prerelease packet leaves some questions in the air as to what happens with the True Empowerment Ritual Manipulation. Now that we have final text for the rulebook, I wanted to post it here so Chapters can start using it if they want to:

Empowerments in general:
Some Ritual Manipulations provide Empowerment effects for varying lengths of time. Using an Empowerment, a caster can “supercharge” the Ritual they are casting, granting a greater effect in some unusual way. The Empowerment itself cannot be extended by any means. After this period, these items return to their base Ritual stats as the magic settles down. The exact nature of how a Ritual is more effective is up to the local Plot team. The more impressive role-playing and Ritual casting performed, the greater the Empowerments.
An item may only ever have one Empowerment active on it. Further attempts to Empower other Rituals on the same item will automatically fail.
Empowerments do not count as "Rituals" for the purpose of Ritual Slots. Plot may choose to preemptively expire or alter an Empowerment at any time if they choose to do so. Empowerments may never travel outside the chapter in which they were cast; an item with an active Empowerment will act as normal for its base Rituals (without the Empowerment effect) if taken to another chapter.

Spark of Empowerment and Touch of Empowerment have the same duration in 2.0 as they do in 1.3, granting an Empowerment as noted above.

True Empowerment: This Manipulation provides an Empowerment for a variable length of time, up to a maximum of the duration of the Ritual batch in which it was used. Plot may choose to set an expiration date earlier than the duration of the batch if they choose to do so.

Basically, this allows Plot to do something like the following with a True Empowerment:

Imagine Bob is casting an "Assassin's Edge" Ritual and Preserving it for 100 Logistics Periods. He True Empowers the Assassin's Edge. Plot adds the following as an Empowerment:

For 5 days, the user of this Ritual swings Body from Behind. For the first 10 Logistics Periods of use, the user of this Ritual gains +2 Backstabs. For the next 10 Logistics Periods of use, the user of this Ritual gains +1 Backstab. For the remainder of this Ritual's duration, the user of this Ritual gains +10 damage when using this Assassin's Edge Ritual.

Those effects would NOT travel outside the Chapter of origin, but the base Rituals still would.

If Plot makes a mistake and gives something too powerful, they have the ability (as with any Empowerment) to alter it or remove it completely at any time. Expect this to happen if someone misuses a True Empowerment against the spirit in which it was intended.

-Bryan Gregory