NEW - “Who Made Your Event Special?” - August/September 2018 Long Weekend Event

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  1. Kasuni

    Kasuni Squire Seattle Staff

    Hey Everyone!

    In addition to Favorite Moments, we wanted to try out something new! This is a new post we will make after each event called “Who made your event special?”

    This is an opportunity to share a shout-out to someone who made your event special! I’ll make a comment in a moment with a couple shout-outs of my own to kick it off and demo :)

    We want to make sure to take a moment to do this because many of us have, and enjoy, IG character conflicts, and that is cool, and its story, and it can lead to really special moments, not just for the people involved, but for everyone they interact with. That being said, we are all people with lives and feelings outside of our fun make-believe land, and ultimately are a community of individuals that all contribute to something meaningful.

    If you get the chance, reach out to your fellow players and kindly let them know how they made your event better! At the end of the day, we are a community storytelling game, and the most important part is the community, not just the game!

    Thanks again for a great game, and for being part of the community!
  2. Kasuni

    Kasuni Squire Seattle Staff

    A couple of people really made my event special:

    [Amber-Rose] I always have appreciated Amber-Rose’s enthusiasm with lair cards, but it makes it such a good experience when she maintains such a positive and friendly attitude, even when she’s got a huge number of PCs vying for her attention and a lot on her plate! Her creativity with lair cards leads to some wild scenarios that I wouldn’t have even imagined at LARP. I’ve always enjoyed working with her in a staff capacity, and now I’m very much enjoying PCing in what she runs.

    [Travis] It might have been a brief moment, but Coin, played by Travis, asked Kasuni a question on the path between the tavern and the cabins, out of nowhere, that meant a lot to the character, but also pointed out that he noticed a long term very intentional roleplay choice I made for the character. It actually was really cool and had a very positive impact on my event to have that recognized!

    [Andy] Kasuni and Tantarus argue hella sometimes (despite being great friends even!), but Andy is always very gracious OOG and maintains really great IG/OOG separation. And those arguments are super fun! I daresay one of my favorite parts of this event!
  3. chantellw

    chantellw Artisan Seattle Staff Public Relations Committee

    I enjoyed the time spent with the crew who came up from SF, seriously you guys are awesome. But I would like to give a serious shout out to:
    [Miles] who plays Chuck Cookieson the Badgerkin. You really did make my event fun! Thanks for introducing the young panda to some mischief! It was alot of fun playing with you, and I can’t wait to do it again (also can’t wait to tell your pops/my knight he’s a grampy!).
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  4. ubiquitous42

    ubiquitous42 Newbie

    So much opportunity to call people out, but I'm going to limit myself to three!

    [Amber-Rose] Emily beat me to the punch here, but your boundless enthusiasm is also very infectious! Even a long wait for a lair card has its frustration reduced by how much effort, joy, and creativity you inject into every single one of them.

    [Ben Thayer] Your teaching RP is truly next-level. Those sessions (plus a few side conversations we had) really anchored me in the moment, and helped me choose between a few different ideas for the direction I want to take Flindo.

    [Seth Newcomb] I was really worried that things would go south when I made the IC choice to tear into the "new guy" last event, but damn am I glad that I did. You've been a better target for Flindo's irrationality than I could have hoped for, and our banter has been a highlight of the last two events. Also, you're the only person so far to pick up on a personal plot thread of mine, which is just hilarious.

    To anyone I didn't name, you're amazing, too!
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  5. MondayMcGee

    MondayMcGee Artisan San Francisco Staff

    I really like this idea!

    [Evan] Zeth going out of his way to check in on Plue made her feel very welcome. And then teaching... wow. The lesson on 9th level spells was possibly my favorite moment of the event, and Plue is seriously considering postponing learning formal magic until
    Zeth can teach her. Such an unexpected and deep connection. Thanks for some amazing RP.

    [Everyone involved in the ~rainbow~ lair card — sorry, I didn’t learn all of your names.] It was already great of Amber-Rose to give us a lair card when our scouting mission ended up not being particularly fruitful. She and her team went above and beyond in making us a custom one since there weren’t any that nobody in our group had done. The roleplay was fantastic, Dialla and Jub Jub were both fully realized characters, and their bandit friend was excellent at both being creepily brainwashed and being endlessly patient while we kept him waylaid for like 20 minutes. Also props to Amber for rolling with my mental RP nonsense. Edged out mad science adventures for my favorite encounter of the event.

    [Emily] Apprentice stuff. Enough said. Plue’s hurt feelings are always just because Erin wants more. ❤️

    [Everyone who went out of their way to make the travelers feel welcome and involved.] Special shout outs to Kevar for teaching us the laws, the colorful sleeved hobling (sorry, I forgot your name!) for stepping into our conversation with setting info, and Kel for making sure Plue was well stocked with chocolate. Also, whoever is responsible for the town newspaper.
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  6. Kevar

    Kevar Fighter Marshal

    OOooh I like this idea.

    [Brad] Eli and Kevar sitting down for a talk started off and took some turns I never could have expected and it was great. It has been really fun getting to build that relationship over time and I look forward to seeing where it goes!

    [Andy] Getting officially put in charge of a few things and getting to finally take some of the stress off Tantarus has been really fun. It is INSANE how much more I am pulled in every direction now that I have a recognizable pants securing device and getting to start to have some different interactions with you has been a LOT of fun.

    [Jason] There are so many awesome ways that Darylin (sp?) and Kevar's relationship keeps build and changing. We are definitely getting some more clearly defined roles and specialties. I LOVED every time you walked up and were like "alright, Kevar you ready? Elf information dumping time". The wheels kept greased and we kept it going! you need to listen for those retreats!!!

    [Miles] Oh man...Chuck. I know you are a no good dirty rotten mischief creating adventurer - but you have JUST a big enough heart to make it all worth it. At far. You didn't know it but you are basically playing the embodiment of why my character came out of "retirement" on his farm to make sure these "heroes" didn't cause more trouble than they were worth.

    [David] New player of Sore and he just JUMPED into the game. Additionally all of our great High Orc players that made sure he was well included made seeing this last minute thrown together concept really work. This guy...oh man. I here he is getting into makeup and so I am getting all of his paperwork and the gear I am going to loan him ready. After waiting a bit he shows up in makeup and chain mail, awesome! I notice he has a stick stuck in his mail and ask him about it..."oh, I went and rolled around in the woods a bit". Sure enough he is all dusty and dirty! So amazing.

    There are more but I will stop there - Seriously a great event with lots of really memorable interactions. The more I think about this the longer my list keeps growing.
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  7. Stoke Wutroth

    Stoke Wutroth Newbie

    [Evan] Zeth had a very intense/serious conversation with Stoke, that really made a deep impact on Stoke. It gave a lot for him to think about and will probably bring a about a idealistic change in Stoke.

    there are more, but this one stands out the most vividly
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  8. Iytsuna

    Iytsuna Newbie

    Well Hai! With a long weekend it took a lot of people to keep this elf sane, and alive I suppose :) The person who most made my event special?

    Luke D - Bjorn. As an elf of many hats I'm always running a number of operations and when those operations need more info or a barbarian's not so gentle touch he's generally Darellin's first choice on most things. This weekend however Luke really showcased how he can manage all of his work as Bjorn in game and still be able to be mindful of the state of the game and its players OOG. Always nice to see from a staff perspective. Also he totally saved my bacon ;)
  9. Draven

    Draven Count Seattle Staff Marshal

    I’ve been meaning to post here.

    1) [Erin as Plue] This affected me directly as a player. I’m often at odds with myself, between a desire to play the skills I want versus the persona I want. Plue helped me remember what aspects of Zeth I really enjoy the most, and that deeply affected my choice to retain Earth Magic post 2.0.

    2) Jonathan Snyder, new NPC. This guy took exceptional care of an injured player, made sure to check in with me about how much he’s enjoying coming out to play with us, and I am incredibly happy to have him become part of our community.

    3) [Chantelle W as Pachow] - I really enjoy this friendship, and I had this really valuable thing that I didn’t want to just sell (even though it would have made some goals way easier to conplete). She gave me a solution that was perfect for Zeth, and it’s gonna keep me busy for awhile!
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